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Tomorrow's the Walk for Sue!!!
Oct 17, 2014 by Heidi Coudal

The Light the Night Walk begins at 4:30pm in Grant Park. We'll be in the very south part of the park near Lakeshore Drive and Roosevelt. Look for a tent the "Team Susan Miller Tweedy" banner. 

Thanks for your support! #WalkforSue



3 Day to Go!
Oct 15, 2014 by Heidi Coudal

Friends, we're 3 days away from our walk for Sue! Thank you so much for the generous donations to Team Susan Miller Tweedy!! We're the second best team in Chicago! 

Please continue to share the link to our team page. I'd love to raise another $14,500.00 in the next 3 days to reach our $50,000.00 goal. Money raised on this walk goes toward research, education and raising awareness of leukemia and lymphoma. 

If you're planning to join us for the walk, it's this Saturday, October 18th at 4:30pm and will end approximately 8:00pm. The location has changed due to conditions of the fields in Grant Park. Attached is a map. Look for a tent with a Team Susan Miller Tweedy banner. If you have any questions, please email me at heidimoormancoudal@gmail.com




4 Nights til Light The Night!
Oct 14, 2014 by Heidi Coudal

We're 4 nights away from the Light the Night Walk in Grant Park! Help us raise another $15,000.00 by Saturday! 


If you're walking with Team Susan Miller Tweedy, the event begins at 4:30pm in Grant Park. Exact details to come, but look for a tent with our team name. Thank you so much for your support!! 





We Went Over $25,000!
Sep 21, 2014 by Heidi Coudal

This weekend we went over our $25,000 goal, and we are so close to reaching $30,000! Thank you for all the donations!

I'm doubling our goal to $50,000! Help me reach it by the day of the walk, Saturday, October 18th. 

Join our Facebook group. It's open to the public, just ask to join. https://www.facebook.com/groups/540445416101553/

If you want to make a donation, click on the DONATION button in the right column. If want to come walk with us, scroll down this page and click on the JOIN button.

Thanks, Heidi

Please join Team Susan Miller Tweedy group on Facebook.
Sep 14, 2014 by Heidi Coudal

Thank you to everyone who has donated to Team Susan Miller Tweedy! We are very close to our goal, and I want to double it by the day of the walk, October 18, 2014 at 4:30pm. 

Please join or check in on our team's Facebook group for updates. https://www.facebook.com/groups/540445416101553/.

If you want to sign up to walk with our team on 10/18/2014, scroll down this page and click the RED "JOIN" button. If you can't make the walk and would like to make a donation please click the RED "DONATE TO TEAM" button on the right. 

Thanks for your support!


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Supporter Comments

    "You're not alone. I'm with you. "

    The Coudal Family

    Thu Apr 24 11:27:11 EDT 2014

    "Our thoughts and prayers are with you, Susan. We know you will win this fight. We are sending all our positive thoughts your way."

    The Cory Family

    Sun May 18 07:41:53 EDT 2014

    "We'll mark the date on see how many Laveys we can get there!"

    The Laveys xoxoxo

    Mon May 19 08:20:59 EDT 2014

    "Wish we lived in Chicago and could be there to walk, but we send all our love and support to Sue and to everyone gathering around her for this beautiful event."

    elizabeth mitchell littleton

    Mon May 19 09:45:56 EDT 2014

    "In support of brave Susan and in honor of the lovely Ben. #fuckcancer"


    Mon May 19 10:18:10 EDT 2014

    "Hey There, You don't know me but we have many common friends. I did the dance with Lymphoma back in 2007. I'm sure I don't need to tell you that you can do this and that there is a lot of Love surrounding you."

    Frank Bango

    Mon May 19 11:48:43 EDT 2014

    "You rock, SRMT! All the positive thoughts and wishes to you as you fight this fight...xoxo. Also making this donation in memory of my own mom, whom I miss all the time."

    Paul Suwan

    Mon May 19 01:23:49 EDT 2014

    "Keep up the good fight!"


    Mon May 19 02:34:26 EDT 2014

    "Sue, you're a heroine, inspiration and role model for so many of us out there in Wilco land. Jeff Tweedy's muse is indomitable! "

    Diane Kyrus

    Mon May 19 02:52:19 EDT 2014

    "you are in my thoughts... i hope you kick this things a**, and quickly. Best, jeff"

    Jeff Pachman

    Mon May 19 06:17:52 EDT 2014

    "It's inspiring that you've used your own struggles as a vehicle to do something good for others. All the best wishes for health and happiness for you and your family, Sue."

    Susan Anater

    Mon May 19 06:34:40 EDT 2014

    "Lovely Woman - Thoughts are with you, Get Well Quick x"

    Fiona Etheridge

    Mon May 19 08:20:55 EDT 2014

    "Here's to Sue and Family. Holding bright hopes for healing and well being. Thanks for all the good you have done and may you see recompense here!"

    Marina & Roger Post

    Mon May 19 09:52:28 EDT 2014

    "My mother walks with Team in Training every year, she has CML. I am a breast cancer survivor. It can be done. You can beat it! From one cancer survivor to a future cancer survivor - stay strong, Sue! So many people are rooting for you."

    Beth Glazer-Schettino

    Mon May 19 10:05:59 EDT 2014

    "Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your wonderful family. The Rudnicks."

    The Rudnicks

    Tue May 20 12:13:11 EDT 2014

    "Rock on, Susan! Hope you are doing well, and much love to you, Jeff and the boys!"

    Sara Bennett

    Tue May 20 12:43:33 EDT 2014

    "All the best to you, Sue!"

    Chris Campbell

    Tue May 20 04:29:01 EDT 2014

    "Sending you much love and strength! -from friends in Tuscaloosa"

    Susan and Robert Lanoux

    Tue May 20 04:38:40 EDT 2014

    "With heartfelt best wishes to you and all your family. "

    Colin Gumbrell

    Tue May 20 05:17:47 EDT 2014

    "Go, Susan! Fight the good fight. Jeff has always been a sweetheart to me."

    Tom Dub?

    Tue May 20 07:17:55 EDT 2014

    "Wishing you all the best! You are in my thoughts! Hugs and much love!"

    Judy Greenberg

    Tue May 20 08:43:46 EDT 2014

    "Dear Sue, Thinking of you and your family. With love, Everyone from Anti Records. "

    Anti Records

    Tue May 20 08:45:00 EDT 2014

    "Our thoughts and hopes are with you. Good luck fighting this. Your friends in NYC. "

    Alison Mazer

    Tue May 20 10:40:13 EDT 2014

    "We love you Sweet Susie xoxo"


    Tue May 20 11:18:56 EDT 2014

    "All the best from over here in England. Susan - I hope the treatment goes well and that you raise heaps of cash for the LLS. Best, Mark."

    Mark Phillips

    Wed May 21 04:03:34 EDT 2014

    ""Love and Mercy to you and your friends tonight""

    David Handelman

    Wed May 21 06:50:13 EDT 2014

    "Wishing you well from NYC"

    Dan Levy

    Wed May 21 08:17:10 EDT 2014

    "Thinking of you and sending prayers for a speedy recovery."

    Anne Rowley

    Wed May 21 10:48:23 EDT 2014

    "You are not alone."

    Lorn & Susan Mullenix

    Wed May 21 02:04:51 EDT 2014

    "Stay strong Sue. My mother was diagnosed 2 years ago and had the exact same treatment. She now has had multiple PET scans and is cancer free. She is went down a tough road but came back stronger than ever. From what I learned the treatment wasn't there 20 years ago but donations and research have made this curable. Keep a positive head and stay surrounded by family and friends and you will be fine. "

    Nick Pecora

    Wed May 21 03:09:05 EDT 2014

    "We are with you all the way Sue! Stay strong!"

    Ray McKenzie

    Wed May 21 06:32:43 EDT 2014

    "I'm delighted to donate on behalf of someone like Sue who is constantly doing good for others. "

    Kitty Shelley

    Wed May 21 06:43:44 EDT 2014

    "We're all thinking of you Susan! Much love from your friends at Farm Aid. "

    Farm Aid

    Thu May 22 12:03:58 EDT 2014

    "Sending positive vibes and support from the Pacific Northwest. "

    The Decemberists

    Thu May 22 02:44:35 EDT 2014

    "Love you Sue!"

    Sarah and Cliff Norris

    Thu May 22 10:34:08 EDT 2014

    "Sending love and support via Atlanta. "

    Holly Aguirre & Jim Barber

    Thu May 22 11:59:54 EDT 2014

    "Have faith, Sue - you'll get through this and live a long and happy life!"

    Joanne Hackett

    Fri May 23 05:49:37 EDT 2014

    "Wishing for a cancer free life for Sue Miller. Xoxo Marc"

    Marc Geiger

    Sat May 24 05:47:00 EDT 2014


    Judy Bushnell

    Sun May 25 05:21:35 EDT 2014

    "With many prayers and much love from our family!"

    Judy Guzman-Cottrill & Jerod Cottrill

    Mon May 26 01:17:20 EDT 2014

    "Sending you all the love in the world, Sue! xoxo"

    Sarah LeClaire

    Mon May 26 08:54:49 EDT 2014

    "Go Sue! Sending all kinds of positive vibes your way for a fast and smooth recovery. XXOX"


    Tue May 27 06:26:04 EDT 2014

    "You can do it!!"

    Lindsay Jones

    Tue May 27 06:41:51 EDT 2014

    "Proud to be on this team. Betty and Timothy Powell"

    Betty and Timothy Powell

    Wed May 28 10:35:55 EDT 2014

    "The Neudorf Family stands at your side"

    Les Neudorf

    Wed May 28 11:47:46 EDT 2014

    ""Cancer can take away all of my physical abilities. It cannot touch my mind, it cannot touch my heart, and it cannot touch my soul." - Jim Valvano "

    Carolyn Gowins

    Wed May 28 11:48:55 EDT 2014

    "We love the Tweedys! Sending love and light to Sue. xxBeth & Bobby, Trembling Blue Stars "

    Beth - Trembling Blue Stars

    Wed May 28 11:50:47 EDT 2014

    "If I were there, I'd walk 100 miles for this amazing, amazing woman. If I were rich, I'd give a million dollars. Hope this helps. LOVE YOU SUE MILLER!"

    Sue Harshe

    Wed May 28 11:50:43 EDT 2014

    "I'm on Team Susan!"

    Claire Zulkey

    Wed May 28 09:17:28 EDT 2014

    "Our Thoughts and Prayers are with you, Sue. -Impact Merchandising "

    Impact Merchandising

    Thu May 29 04:45:21 EDT 2014

    "Never forget how strong you are! Positive thoughts and prayers coming at you......"

    Christopher Morin

    Sun Jun 01 09:56:08 EDT 2014

    "We're thinking of you and sending positive vibes. Wishing you all the best! "

    Russ and Heather Poetker

    Sun Jun 01 10:56:48 EDT 2014

    "To sue, were with you all the way. Much love and all our positive energy -Lucius"


    Mon Jun 02 05:55:28 EDT 2014

    "We are all in this together to fight against cancer. Thank you Sue for your inspiration. You/we will win."

    Yuka C. Honda

    Wed Jun 04 05:02:38 EDT 2014

    "Love, blessing and healing thoughts to you"

    George Phipps

    Wed Jun 04 05:39:43 EDT 2014

    "Sending you strength and love♡"

    Kazumi Park Takagi

    Wed Jun 04 08:36:32 EDT 2014

    "FOr the love of Sue Miller and EVERYONE who needs to heal, to be assisted in their fight against illness."

    Nels Cline

    Thu Jun 05 04:09:52 EDT 2014

    "Team Susan lights the way! Wishing you love, strength, healing! "

    Diane Yob

    Fri Jun 06 01:07:30 EDT 2014

    "Donating on behalf of my mother who had n.H. lymphoma over 10 years ago and just had her 88th birthday... go Susan!"


    Sat Jun 07 11:53:56 EDT 2014

    "With the kindest of regards from The Netherlands!"

    Marijn & Jacques Akerboom

    Sat Jun 07 01:10:26 EDT 2014

    "walkin with you for suzi!"

    Catherine Plunkett

    Sat Jun 28 04:07:10 EDT 2014

    "All the best from mine to yours."

    Margaret Beshara

    Wed Jul 09 03:19:00 EDT 2014

    "Kicking blood cancer's ass is a team effort! My 14 year old, Abby, is a leukemia survivor (and kicking my ass now.) ;) All the best in your recovery! Research works! LLS has done so much for our family...keeping you and your family in my prayers."

    Stephanie Thoma

    Wed Jul 09 04:48:58 EDT 2014

    "Sending lots of positive energy and optimism your way!"

    Rick Cardis

    Fri Jul 11 10:17:58 EDT 2014

    "XO from all of your friends at Jam."

    Jam Productions, Ltd.

    Tue Jul 22 04:10:58 EDT 2014

    "Warm thoughts and best wishes from MPLS"

    Ryan and Brenda Thul

    Fri Aug 22 10:21:44 EDT 2014

    "With best wishes for all of the strength, love, and humor you need to beat this thing."

    Susan Korte

    Sat Aug 23 10:36:18 EDT 2014

    "Seebeck family for Sue. We think of you often. Love, Elizabeth, John, Lyle, Ray, Johnny and Henry. "

    The Seebeck Family

    Sat Aug 30 02:10:33 EDT 2014

    "For Frances Green Enright and of course for Sue Miller !"

    Mike Enright

    Tue Sep 02 11:19:24 EDT 2014

    " Prayers & positive vibes to you Sue, hang tough! -Bill Rock"

    Bill Rock

    Thu Sep 04 11:34:39 EDT 2014

    "To Susan and the Tweedy family - much love and prayers from the Watson family."

    The Watson Family

    Fri Sep 05 11:12:59 EDT 2014

    "in honor of Sue Miller Tweedy and her terrific brother, Danny Miller, who will be running (or walking) to raise money for this great cause."

    Marilyn Molnar

    Fri Sep 05 06:23:47 EDT 2014

    "We're not sure if we'll be able to join the walk, but we'll be there in spirit. We love you, Susie."

    Alison True and Rick Mosher

    Fri Sep 05 08:07:37 EDT 2014

    "Now,I donete very little money but,I'll one more again surely.more money. I wishing very much susie going well. Always I thinking of her. Love, Maki xoxoxo "

    Maki Nakamura

    Fri Sep 05 08:08:32 EDT 2014

    "All my best!"

    courtney blood-malecki

    Sat Sep 06 10:03:50 EDT 2014

    "You look beautiful Susie. Good luck. I?ve raised a lot of money for Leukemia research in the past. Not a cure yet but control has come a long way from our early efforts. "

    Betty Fox

    Sat Sep 06 06:34:49 EDT 2014

    "So proud of you, Sue MIller. You've always been one of my heroes. xoxo"

    Kelly Hogan

    Sun Sep 07 07:20:43 EDT 2014

    "GO TEAM SUE!!!!"

    Jen Stephens

    Sun Sep 07 07:23:10 EDT 2014

    "Keep fighting the good fight Sue, you have an amazing family and circle of friends all rooting for you!"

    Matt Pfahlert

    Sun Sep 07 07:34:55 EDT 2014

    "From Lounge Ax to living rooms to everywhere in between, glad to pitch in"

    Franny, Georgian and Lilah Weed

    Sun Sep 07 07:58:32 EDT 2014

    "Wishing Sue a very rapid remission and speedy recovery. My mom has had Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma for over 12 years and at 82, she is doing well. I sincerely hope that we find a cure for these cancers."

    Lisa Crowe

    Sun Sep 07 08:20:24 EDT 2014

    "Always we sending positive vibes and big love.xoxoxo "

    Maki Nakamura

    Mon Sep 08 02:43:50 EDT 2014

    "Wish we were in town to walk with you all. We'll cheer from afar. Walk Hard! xox Rob & Cherie"

    Cherie Breaux & Rob Bochnik

    Tue Sep 09 12:11:54 EDT 2014

    "In memory of my mother, In (frustrating lack of) memory from a lotta nights at Lounge Ax, In gratitude for all the generosity and community LA, Sue and Julia provided a silly little upstart label. All the best for your recovery."

    Rob Miller, Bloodshot Records

    Tue Sep 09 01:22:54 EDT 2014

    "Walking, contemplating wellness - which becomes the light that heals us all. Sue, I walk everyday for you. Mieko "

    Mieko Yoshida

    Thu Sep 11 05:13:19 EDT 2014

    "Stay strong! "

    Stephanie Rogers

    Sun Sep 14 07:48:05 EDT 2014

    "Honoring Team Susan Miller Tweedy. Light up the nite!!!"

    Marilyn Richmond

    Sun Sep 14 08:35:00 EDT 2014

    "Stay strong sister."

    Andrew Zimmerman and Lindsey Boland

    Sun Sep 14 08:47:29 EDT 2014

    "Thinking of you as you battle through this. "

    Ruth Goldberg-Zak

    Sun Sep 14 08:47:39 EDT 2014

    "Thoughts and prayers from the Siegel family"

    Judy Siegel

    Mon Sep 15 09:07:47 EDT 2014

    "I was young and shy and awkward when I attended the Lounge Ax regularly, so I was always a bit intimidated to spend time with Sue, who was involved in creating the magical place. It was important to me for the few years that I got to attend before it closed. Thanks, Sue. - Steve Silverstein"

    Steven Silverstein

    Mon Sep 15 09:14:53 EDT 2014

    "Keep on fighting, Sue! (And keep the Garrett's away from Danny until after the walk!)"

    Leah Jones

    Mon Sep 15 09:52:03 EDT 2014

    "To one of my oldest and dearest friends Sue Miller Tweedy. I know that you will be well. I think about you everyday and your amazing attitude! Love Fran Stein Fryman"

    Fran Fryman

    Mon Sep 15 10:34:31 EDT 2014

    "Thinking of you SO much and the fun times we had together as kids/teens. Continuing to send prayers and positive thoughts your way to see this recovery through!"

    Dorothy Peterson

    Mon Sep 15 11:21:21 EDT 2014

    "Love and hugs and look forward to walking miles with the team. Alison"

    Alison Mankowski

    Mon Sep 15 01:04:08 EDT 2014

    "Rooting for you, Susan! Go Team Susan Miller Tweedy!"

    Marides, David, Thomas, Louis Quigley

    Tue Sep 16 04:49:22 EDT 2014

    "This is a full circle moment for me. I've been a fan of Jeff's music for years, and have been involved with LLS since 2010, running their Team in Training events. I hope your family is staying strong, I think it's amazing that the TWEEDY family is walking! I'm doing Light The Night out here in Boston, and will be thinking of your family every step of the way. This is wonderful thing your family is doing, stay strong."

    Eric Zawada

    Tue Sep 16 11:07:40 EDT 2014

    "You are an amazing human being, Sue Miller Tweedy. And you give a whole new feeling to the word, "winner!""

    Roberta Wilk

    Tue Sep 16 11:28:57 EDT 2014

    "you're a great inspiration to us all...keep fighting the good fight! SusiQ and Sean Callahan"


    Tue Sep 16 03:12:09 EDT 2014

    "My heart is broken after losing my sister to cancer last Fall. I pray that cancer will be eradicated one day..."

    Maria & Scott Smith

    Tue Sep 16 09:07:39 EDT 2014

    "<3 (((Hugs))) and Healing Energy, Sue!"

    Kesh Sorensen & Randy Ferino

    Tue Sep 16 09:42:07 EDT 2014

    "We cannot make the walk in Chicago but we're sending healing energy and positive thoughts to Susan. We're also remembering Karen Holthaus who died of complications from the Hodgkin's version of Lymphoma. #walkforsue #curecancer."

    Debbra Verard

    Wed Sep 17 01:25:14 EDT 2014

    "stomp them cells!"

    Laura Park

    Wed Sep 17 09:59:11 EDT 2014

    "Sue, we are amazed by your strength. You are constantly in our thoughts and prayers. Love, The Schoonvelds"

    Shawna Molenaar-Schoonveld

    Thu Sep 18 10:48:03 EDT 2014

    "Go Girl! We are all right behind you.....as we sing at NNM "Look around and you will see community, a family, we are brothers, sisters, all! See you on Oct. 18th."

    Audrey Perrott

    Thu Sep 18 12:46:13 EDT 2014

    "Have a great walk!!"

    Michael McClain & Annemarie Bennett

    Thu Sep 18 01:29:40 EDT 2014

    "GO SUE!"

    Ella and Scott Goldstein

    Thu Sep 18 01:46:28 EDT 2014

    "If we weren't so crazy on a leash, we'd walk with you! Mike, Goose and Betty Laskowski LOVE YOU SUE!!! "

    Bob Laskowski

    Thu Sep 18 02:40:30 EDT 2014

    "The whole Near North Montessori takes this walk with you. go team!"

    David May & Lois Scott

    Thu Sep 18 10:26:12 EDT 2014

    "You rock!"

    Tim and Kathy Coleman

    Fri Sep 19 09:30:37 EDT 2014

    "Sue, You are an inspiration to us all and you remain in our thoughts and prayers. Love, The Jackson Family"

    The Jackson Family

    Sat Sep 20 02:16:52 EDT 2014

    "thinking about you always susie!"

    Jill Soloway

    Sun Sep 21 02:26:50 EDT 2014

    "One walk closer to the cure"

    Julianne Sampson

    Sun Sep 21 11:44:50 EDT 2014

    "Love to you, Sue and family from the Upchurch's "

    Lori Upchurch

    Mon Sep 22 09:12:15 EDT 2014

    "Love Susie and the Tweedy's!"

    Elaine Soloway

    Mon Sep 22 04:52:27 EDT 2014

    "In support of Susan and the entire Tweedy family. Get well soon Susan! The Thiedmann Family"

    The Thiedmann Family

    Tue Sep 23 01:47:46 EDT 2014

    "Go Susie!"

    Danita Cherney

    Tue Sep 23 07:03:20 EDT 2014

    "May laughter and love light your way"

    Courtney Dill

    Thu Sep 25 05:20:00 EDT 2014

    "Be strong and keep fighting."

    marc and mary jacoby

    Thu Sep 25 06:24:36 EDT 2014

    " Stay strong, we are all with you! "

    Jackie Bergen

    Tue Sep 30 07:24:57 EDT 2014

    "Standing with you Sue to fight this disease for you and all others. You are stong, brave, and an overcomer! "

    Robin Smith

    Thu Oct 02 02:58:59 EDT 2014

    "You used to call us the "S" bands. I'm pleased to be able to help in some small way after all you did for us."

    Bob Furem

    Fri Oct 03 11:07:58 EDT 2014

    "However long the night, the dawn will break."

    Brian Porter

    Fri Oct 03 05:33:57 EDT 2014

    "It's year 4 of my father's struggle with multiple myeloma, after two other cancers were kept at bay for so many years. It's that icepick-through-the-heart feeling, after feeling so releived about remission. Hope you reach your new goal of 50k, and enjoy the walk. Thanks for the good thing you're doing."


    Fri Oct 03 09:15:07 EDT 2014

    "For all of our friends who lit up our lives..."

    kimmie murray

    Wed Oct 15 10:54:19 EDT 2014

    "I'm sorry I can't join you all on the walk. Go team!"

    Jackie Kazarian

    Thu Oct 16 09:50:22 EDT 2014

    "Wishing I could be there with you all. Please, someone, give Sus a bunch of hugs from me!!!"

    Susan Lavey

    Thu Oct 16 02:53:29 EDT 2014

    "WAY TO GO TEAM SUE! Much love, Mary, Bob, Evan & Jackson"

    Mary Rafferty Gerstein

    Thu Oct 16 11:36:57 EDT 2014

    "I can't be with Team Susan Miller Tweedy in person, but I'm with you in spirit."

    David Silverman

    Fri Oct 17 11:58:44 EDT 2014

    "I'm lucky to have you in my life Susie! I can't wait for all the moves tomorrow, and the many more after that. Love you!"

    Oona Dicker

    Fri Oct 17 03:05:20 EDT 2014

    "Your $ goal for research may not be met but my prayers are for your cancer goals to be met. Lots of love, Betty"


    Fri Oct 17 03:08:17 EDT 2014

    "Walking with you in spirit...! Much love, Elise, Andrew, and Jackson"

    Elise Brooks

    Fri Oct 17 04:11:00 EDT 2014

    "We love you Susan! Greetings from LA, we'll be thinking of you during the walk."

    Andy Cobb

    Fri Oct 17 04:20:01 EDT 2014

    "My father Frederick Falkenberg has a rare blood cancer and for Sue Miller , one of the most amazing women I have ever met. They both will beat it! Love Avril Granato"

    Avril Granato

    Fri Oct 17 05:19:16 EDT 2014


    Audrey Z

    Fri Oct 17 05:19:29 EDT 2014


    Sheba & Billy

    Fri Oct 17 05:32:32 EDT 2014

    "Susan, you are such a bright light shining your way through this medical crisis with bravery and grace. You have a massive support group! We are so moved by the love coming through the messages of hope and healing to you on FB. Good luck tomorrow!"

    Kathy& Richard Whitman

    Fri Oct 17 05:34:44 EDT 2014

    "TEAM TWEEDY. to a future age..."


    Sat Oct 18 12:51:33 EDT 2014

    "Sorry we couldn't be there tonight. Feel the love all around you tonight - there will be a lot of it! "

    michelle buzby

    Sat Oct 18 06:28:24 EDT 2014

    "sorry we couldn't be there to walk with you."

    Lou and Janet Borden

    Tue Oct 21 05:51:57 EDT 2014

    "In 2012 my dad was diagnosed with PTCL. On the long drives home, during the treatments and in the ICU ... music was a savior (toss the chimneys in the sea). It takes a village but there is light on the other side. He's back to beating me at golf again and I'm ok with that. Bless the entire Tweedy family (who've already unknowingly given so much to those struggling with this same fight) -- stay strong Sue!"

    Heath Warner

    Sat Dec 13 12:05:54 EST 2014

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MaryJo Madden  
Susan Powers  
corinne sachs  
Jeff Economy  
Laura Park  
Erin Coleman  
Mike Halston  
The Tennent family $50.00
Peggy Wishart $30.00
Julie Reich $30.00
Elaine Soloway $18.00
Sue Gilbert  
Laurie Jacobvitz  
Leslie Cherney  
gene p $30.00
sandra fernbach $100.00
Lizzie Basch $50.00
Andrea Friedman $50.00
elyse esrig $36.00
carolyn heyman $36.00
Leslie Davis $50.00
Leslie Cherney  
Angela Meyers $100.00
Angela Meyers $100.00
Joanna Kooistra $50.00
Karen Nebrich $10.00
Hollie Daugherty  
Jeff Garlin $1000.00
Bruce Novak $250.00
Justine Jentes $250.00
David Rakofsky $200.00
jill norton $100.00
Sarah Clatanoff $100.00
Babette $100.00
ellen miller $100.00
Christ and Cindy Stacey $100.00
Stacia Garriott Kass $100.00
Jeanne Roeser $100.00
Jimmy Newton $100.00
Heather & John Aitken $100.00
Holly Van Essen $100.00
Lisa Breitman $50.00
Brad Featherstone $50.00
Sheila & Richard Lloyd $50.00
Jack McFadden $50.00
Laurie Jacobvitz $50.00
jim short $50.00
Janet Joseph $30.00
bill czerny $30.00
Rue Wood $30.00
Amy Dordek Dolinsky $30.00
Michael grossman  
Ami Oseid  
Carla Frisch  
Karen Coutts-Gaetano & Jo...  
Michele Atkinson  
Donna Murphy  
Jennifer Polacheck  
Ryan Jones  
Alexander Prentzas  
Brad & Summer Shaw  
Chiyoko Yoshida  
joe/jen shanahan and your...  
Glenn and Miiri Kotche  
mavis s  
Barbara Apgar  
Gerard Cosloy  
Seth Freeman  
Brianne Karabetsos  
Chuck E.R. Moll $35.00
Lt. Johnny Moll $35.00
Mi T. and Jersey Katz $21.00
Barely A. Bobcat $11.00
Tom Love $10.00
Samantha Moll $5.00
Anonymous $30.00
Erik Selz  
Jack Murchie $100.00
Cindy Johnson $30.00
Andrew Kaplan $35.00
Beth & George Elder  
Mindy Verson  
Chicago Public Media, Inc... $2945.00
The Seebeck Family $1000.00
Lisa Kane, 2 Gingers Iris... $500.00
Jeff Gramm $500.00
Shawna Molenaar-Schoonvel... $500.00
Rob Miller, Bloodshot Rec... $500.00
Jam Productions, Ltd. $500.00
Sean Lennon / Chimera Mus... $500.00
Yuka C. Honda $500.00
Chris Storer & Gillian J... $500.00
Tony Margherita Mgmt $500.00
The Decemberists $500.00
Ray McKenzie $500.00
Kung Fu Inc. $350.00
Holly Proctor $310.00
Beth and Jim Masterson $250.00
Craig Freedman & Grace Ts... $250.00
Jill Soloway $250.00
The Jackson Family $250.00
Tom Schick $250.00
Ella and Scott Goldstein $250.00
Mark Southon $250.00
Maria & Scott Smith $250.00
Dorothy Peterson $250.00
Daniel Marre $250.00
Impact Merchandising $250.00
Marc Geiger $250.00
Sarah and Cliff Norris $250.00
Michael Dorf, City Winery $250.00
Paul Suwan $250.00
The Coudal Family $250.00
Jeff & Karen Roberts $200.00
jill stockard $150.00
Jodi Savitt $100.00
michelle buzby $100.00
Caroline and Eric Vandero... $100.00
Mary Rafferty Gerstein $100.00
Jackie Kazarian $100.00
Jenelle Sullivan $100.00
Anonymous $100.00
The Wylder, Baker, & Mart... $100.00
Silvia Bicalho $100.00
The Thiedmann Family $100.00
Lori Upchurch $100.00
Julianne Sampson $100.00
Tom, Holly, Katherine and... $100.00
Tim and Kathy Coleman $100.00
Jennifer Diamond $100.00
Audrey Perrott $100.00
Alison Mankowski $100.00
Fran Fryman $100.00
Paul Karoll $100.00
Maki Nakamura $100.00
Cathy Stix $100.00
Franny, Georgian and Lila... $100.00
Ryan and Brenda Thul $100.00
Stephanie Thoma $100.00
Russ and Heather Poetker $100.00
Christopher Morin $100.00
Betty and Timothy Powell $100.00
Babette $100.00
Aadam Jacobs $100.00
Craig Anderson $100.00
Mary Beth Britt $100.00
Tom Dub? $100.00
The Rudnicks $100.00
Susan Anater $100.00
Samantha Dwyer Zinober $100.00
The Cory Family $100.00
Michael McClain & Annemar... $75.00
Heath Warner $50.00
Oona Dicker $50.00
Annette Morrow $50.00
Bob Furem $50.00
Rich & Liz & Olivia & Ruf... $50.00
Cathy Stix $50.00
Jackie Persson $50.00
Bob Laskowski $50.00
Frederick Wells $50.00
Suzanne and Michael Capla... $50.00
Kesh Sorensen & Randy Fer... $50.00
SusiQ $50.00
Mike Cohen $50.00
Jen Stephens $50.00
Anonymous $50.00
Stephen Prullage $50.00
Regina Joskow $50.00
Marijn & Jacques Akerboom $50.00
Kazumi Park Takagi $50.00
Rena Zaid $50.00
Beth - Trembling Blue Sta... $50.00
Farm Aid $50.00
Kristin Furnish $50.00
Anonymous $50.00
Pete Bochek $50.00
Diane Kyrus $50.00
Steve Hink $50.00
Ruth Goldberg-Zak $40.00
Susan, Joe, Sam and Julia... $36.00
Kathy& Richard Whitman $30.00
Avril Granato $30.00
Elise Brooks $30.00
Brad deCaussin $30.00
Rick Rizzo $30.00
Laura Park $30.00
Roberta Wilk $30.00
Marilyn Richmond $30.00
Kelly Hogan $30.00
Rick Cardis $30.00
Rick Lewandowski $30.00
CatBeach Music $30.00
Les Neudorf $30.00
Rennie Sparks $30.00
Mark Phillips $30.00
Judy Greenberg $30.00
Luke Poling $30.00
Nancy Boim $25.00
Elaine Soloway $25.00
Holly Greenhagen $25.00
Mike Enright $25.00
Susan Korte $25.00
Judy Sviatko Madsen $25.00
Nick Pecora $25.00
Alisa Hauser $18.00
Maki Nakamura $10.00
Eric Zachary Turner $5.00
Alfie $5.00
A Koyanagi/R Holt  
Lou and Janet Borden  
Rick Vines  
Raju Lalwani  
Gina Rotkvich  
Leslie Cherney  
April Jean-Baptiste  
Millicent Souris  
Tom DeMarchi  
Sheba & Billy  
Audrey Z  
Andy Cobb  
Elizabeth Mitchell Little...  
Tim & Stacy Bruce  
Nickie Sage McDermott  
David Silverman  
Susan Lavey  
kimmie murray  
jim feichtmann  
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Robin Smith  
Jackie Bergen  
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marc and mary jacoby  
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David May & Lois Scott  
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Nan Warshaw, Mark & Finn  
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Eric Zawada  
Marides, David, Thomas, L...  
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Steven Silverstein  
Judy Siegel  
Andrew Zimmerman and Lind...  
Stephanie Rogers  
Gina, Kirk, Graham and Ev...  
Meggean Ward  
Mieko Yoshida  
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Cherie Breaux & Rob Bochn...  
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Veruca Salt  
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Betty Fox  
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The Watson Family  
Gershman Family  
Bill Rock  
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Edgar Coudal  
Marcus & Amy Mitchell  
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Anti Records  
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The Laveys xoxoxo  
the Busbee/Summerfields