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Team Tyler Cordova
Aug 05, 2011

Welcome to Team Tyler Cordova's Light the Night Page!

*** Note: For anyone interested in buying Tyler's cookbook, "Savoring Life", we are requesting a $10 donation per book, plus $1.50 for postage costs, if you would like it mailed to you. You can make the donation on this page. Then, please email holly.cordova@yahoo.com, and indicate how many copies you would like, and the address where they should be mailed. Thank you! ***

Tyler is our cancer warrior. One night, at the age of four, he suddenly found himself struggling to breathe. He was rushed to the emergency room, where an x-ray quickly revealed a large tumor filling his chest, surrounding his heart and compressing his airway. That night was the beginning of a long journey that Tyler has been on for over four years now. After initially going into remission, Tyler has experienced two relapses, chemotherapy, a bone-marrow transplant, full body radiation, and countless surgeries. Far too many months of his life have been spent in the hospital. And although Tyler is still in treatment and dealing with side effects the great news is that Tyler is now cancer-free!

Every year Tyler participates in Light the Night, where his team walks to raise money for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. LLS funds lifesaving research that has contributed to major advances in the treatment of blood cancers and other types of cancer. In fact, in 2009 alone, LLS researchers were conducting more than 90 clinical trials, a critical step in the development of new treatments and cures that will help patients live better, longer lives.

Please consider making a donation to support LLS and help save lives. And we'd love to have you join our Team at Light the Night!

Team Name Subteam Walk Site Date Team Captain City/State  
Team Tyler Cordova   Bridgeport Park 10/29/11 Holly Traube Cordova Santa Clarita, CA  

Supporter Comments

    "Tyler is just too awesome!"

    Dorian Traube

    Fri Aug 05 04:55:27 EDT 2011

    "Two of my friends have battled and won fights with leukemia. Go Tyler!!"

    Karen Redling

    Mon Aug 08 06:23:11 EDT 2011

    "We all pray for a cure !"

    Rosemary Y.

    Fri Sep 02 08:37:01 EDT 2011

    "Go Team Tyler! "

    Debra Xanthos and Brad Kaytor

    Fri Oct 07 11:11:17 EDT 2011

    "Sending lots of love and good wishes your way. Go Team Tyler! The Rosenbergs"

    Linda Rosenberg

    Fri Oct 07 07:30:12 EDT 2011

    "Go Team Tyler!!!! We donate in honor of Tyler - of course! - and in honor of our dear friend Rick Kingston, who is fighting his own battle with leukemia."

    Susie & Phoebe Salmon and Kevin Burke

    Thu Sep 01 05:44:11 EDT 2011

    "Go team Tyler, you are an inspiration to us all. Can't wait to do some real cookin' thanks to you!"

    Kathy Neeff

    Thu Sep 01 02:12:23 EDT 2011

    "Tyler, your courage is truly inspirational. Be well, my brother. "


    Mon Aug 29 12:56:27 EDT 2011

    "Tyler, I am one of your biggest fans. And as a cancer survivor myself, it's all about a strong spirit. You can do it!"


    Fri Aug 26 02:56:01 EDT 2011

    "TEAM TYLER IS AWSOME!! I can't wait to get your cookbook! :-) "

    Rhea Weng

    Thu Aug 25 11:13:03 EDT 2011

    "Go Team Tyler! Tyler has always been an inspiration for me and my family since we met him during the Summer 2010 TNT honored teammate potluck! Thank you for being so strong and keep fighting! My dad is also cancer free now, but still battling all the side effects of all the treatments...but he's fighting as well! "

    Tiffany Banh

    Mon Aug 22 04:40:25 EDT 2011

    "Go Team Tyler!!"

    Bonnie Jacobs

    Sun Aug 07 07:48:38 EDT 2011

    "You are great inspiration. =) ...feeding my appetite for life. Go Team Tyler!"

    Connie Cheng

    Thu Aug 04 07:13:19 EDT 2011

    "We're right behind you buddy"

    Cassandra Valenzuela

    Thu Aug 04 02:17:51 EDT 2011


    Kiley Akers

    Thu Aug 04 01:33:18 EDT 2011

    "Go Team Tyler!"

    Amanda Leith

    Wed Aug 03 03:21:03 EDT 2011

    "Go Team Tyler!"

    Nykia Wilson

    Thu Sep 01 06:28:58 EDT 2011

    "Thank you for the opportunity to make a donation to further cancer research in the name of my son Douglas who died from sacrococcogeal teratoma in 1998. Research has advanced dramatically since then and will continue to do so, and I'm happy to hear your son is doing well. I send my best to your family. Regards, Michelle"

    Michelle Pualuan

    Mon Aug 08 11:21:21 EDT 2011

    "Looking forward to some tasty recipes, Tyler! Thanks!!"

    Aristomenis Capogeannis

    Mon Aug 08 03:01:02 EDT 2011

    "I'm sorry I can't be there to walk this year. Have a great time! Hooray Team Tyler!"

    Jen Bladen

    Wed Oct 26 11:18:55 EDT 2011

    "Happy Halloween - and kudos for your dedication!!"

    Elshoff Family

    Wed Oct 26 02:00:52 EDT 2011

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