My Fundraising Page

My Fundraising Page
Jul 30, 2013

When you visited the Light the Night page and came across the team name "Megan's Hero" you probably thought to yourself who is Megan? Well, that would be me...

My name is Megan Raudabaugh and I am 14-years-old. In April 2011, my dad passed away. He was more than a dad to me...he was my best friend. I went to him for anything and everything. He had the best advice, the funniest stories, the most heart-felt support, and the most amazing help.

The first time my Dad's cancer was detected was in September 2010. This was my first year of middle school, so I was just twelve years old. Being my first year of middle school, I was scared...actually, more like terrified! New school, new classes, new schedule, new everything! Most of the kids in my school would hangout after school or play sports, I on the other hand was at the hospital all of the time. From the time i got out of school all the way to at least 11 o'clock at night, I stayed there just so I could be with him. Being under these circimstances my grades were slipping, I was getting further away from my friends and I just felt tired mentally and physically. All i wanted was for my Dad to be okay, and the worst part is that I really thought he would be. I was wrong.

One day when I got to the hospital after school I walked in to the worst thing I think I ever could have. My dad was hooked up to so many machines, including oxygen. I broke out into tears before even knowing why he was suddenly in this state. I wish I never found out the reason, but I did. The cancer in him, including lymphoma, spread throughout his body. All I wanted was to talk to my Dad, but I couldn't. The tubes blocked him from talking, but I could see all the words he needed to say in his eyes. He wanted help. He wanted to be out of his misery. He wanted to beat the battle he had been fighting. He just wanted to be a survivor, a role model, a hero, my hero. For two weeks, I came to the hospital to witness the same horrific site that will never leave my mind.

The final day came. I held his hand and whispered my final words to him - the words no one should ever have to say to loved ones battling cancer. This is why I am walking - to prevent those words from ever having to be said. I am walking in honor of my Dad, but also for the kids, the teenagers, the adults, the elderly, the families, the friends, anybody who has been affected in some way by cancer. I will walk until the final words never need to be said again. I will walk until there is a cure, until leukemia and lymphoma is destroyed. I will walk to prevent another person from going through what I had to go through. I'm walking for my Dad.


Supporter Comments

    "You are an inspiration! Shine on Megan!"

    Emily Thomas-Cutlip

    Thu Apr 18 01:13:59 EDT 2013

    "Chips and Candy Sales"

    S&G Custom Collison

    Sun Feb 24 12:29:41 EST 2013

    "I am so thankful to have you as my daughter. You are an amazing and beautiful person!"

    Kelly Raudabaugh

    Sat Feb 23 08:43:45 EST 2013

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