Welcome to our Team's Homepage

Welcome to our Team's Homepage
May 10, 2013

Welcome to our Light The Night Walk Team Fundraising Page

When The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society's Light The Night Walk funds treatments that save lives, it's all due to people like you. Without your efforts LLS could not provide these lifesaving treatments. LLS really is making cures happen with your help.

Friends, families and co-workers form fundraising teams and millions of consumers help by donating at retail outlets. These efforts culminate in inspirational, memorable evening walks in over two hundred communities each fall across North America.

Please join our team's effort today by registering to walk or by making a donation. Your participation in the Light The Night Walk will save lives today. Be sure to check our team Web site frequently to see our progress, and thanks for your support!

Team Name Subteam Walk Site Date Team Captain City/State  
Sacramento Area Coalition of Reason-FBB   Raley Field 10/26/13 Heather Applebury West Sacramento, CA  

Supporter Comments

    "In the hope that someday, this will not be needed. To that day...."

    Patty Grant

    Wed Oct 30 02:50:47 EDT 2013

    "I can't make it to the walk, unfortunately, but I want to help as much as I can. Good luck everybody! "

    Rebecca Mark

    Thu Oct 24 09:13:23 EDT 2013

    "The Humanist Association of the Greater Sacramento Area (HAGSA) supports efforts like Light the Night to improve the lives of all people through research and treatment, along with emotional and financial support."

    HAGSA = Humanist Association of the Greater Sacramento Area

    Thu Oct 24 01:10:51 EDT 2013

    "Sorry it's a tiny donation, but I'm pretty broke. We miss you in Santa Rosa, Heather and Dale!"

    Dixon Wragg

    Tue Oct 22 05:50:06 EDT 2013

Team Fundraising Total

Goal: $10,000.00
39 %
Donations: $3,911.22
We're part of the team
Foundation Beyond Belief

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We are sorry donations are no longer being accepted for this team for this event.

Thanks To

Trevor Lynn $10.00
Sarah $15.00
Josh Ambrose  
Jesse and Laura Ambrose  
Larry & Barb Babow $50.00
Sarah $15.00
Mom and Kelly $100.00
Anonymous $11.00
Lynnea $20.00
Richard $20.00
Donater $20.00
Wu Tang $11.00
Anonymous $11.00
Marc Pollack $10.00
Megan $10.00
Erica Scott  
Sam Amirshahi  
Anonymous $33.00
Brent Babow $25.00
Anonymous $15.00
Rachael Harrington  
Ray and Kyvele Artinian $50.00
David and Joy Nahigian $50.00
Ken Nahigian $50.00
Brett Westover $100.00
Dez $40.00
Way to Go Fran $30.00
Anonymous $20.00
David Quach $1.00
Linda McFadden  
David Diskin $250.00
Michelle Baer $100.00
Jason Blancas $50.00
Judith Schmidt $30.00
Annemarie $30.00
James Dugoni $30.00
Freedom Baerheim $30.00
Ernie Aranda  
Suzanne Mangum  
Sarah Dicker  
Jan Frederiksen  
Tracy Herbeck  
Barri B $28.00
Pierino Walker $25.00
Tatia Taylor $20.00
Douglas Ikelman $100.00
Reinhard Seiser $100.00
Tom Ikelman $100.00
Mynga and Paul $50.00
Roz Malone $30.00
Melanie Thomson $25.00
Keiko M $20.00
Dean Hansen $100.00
Pat and Don Meldrum $100.00
Robin Graham $100.00
Anonymous $50.00
Ray Mullins $50.00
Jim Hodges $50.00
Hector Fabio Meza $30.00
Katie Graham $30.00
Renee Hendricks $30.00
Robin Monson $100.00
Louis Furtado $50.00
Adriann Saslow $30.00
Michelle Huey $25.00
Elizabeth Hudak $25.00
Heather Applebury $25.00
Mark Bellinger $20.10
Joshua Simmons $15.00
Sticks Brown Group $100.00
Wendy Ikelman $100.00
HAGSA = Humanist Associat... $100.00
Michael Robinson $100.00
Rebecca Mark $50.00
Ruth Rezos $40.00
Paul Nicholson $30.00
Dixon Wragg $10.00
Unspecified Donor $5.00
Patty Grant  
Francesca Reitano  
John Lucas