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Aug 31, 2013

More than twelve years ago, Jeff's mother Helen Anbinder was diagnosed with Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia. Like many families before them, the Anbinders didn't know very much about what that meant, but the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society helped them to understand.

But the LLS is much more than just a support group. Over the decades, the LLS has spent hundreds of millions of dollars on medical research, direct patient support, and legislative advocacy. Survival rates for many forms of childhood leukemia have gone from the single digits to over 90 percent, and new blood cancer treatments have been effective on other forms of cancer as well.

Helen has required treatment twice since her diagnosis; both times, the treatment she received was brand-new, and had been developed through LLS-funded research. She's not only surviving, but thriving - as a volunteer and member of the Board of Directors at the LLS's Westchester chapter, and as the captain of our team. She and Paul, her husband of nearly 50 years, escorted Jeff down the aisle together when we got married in October of last year.

The Anbinder Family & Friends Team will be at the Light the Night Walk in Forest Park, Queens on October 5, 2013 to raise money for this remarkable organization. Every member of the team is asking their own friends, family members, and colleagues to pitch in for this important cause. So now it's our turn.

Even after all these decades, the LLS is on the brink of incredible breakthroughs: treatments that can manage a person's condition with a daily pill, therapies that seek out cancer cells and kill them, and the use of a patient's own immune system to eradicate cancer not someday, but today. The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society's Light The Night Walk funds those treatments. Every single dollar moves us closer to a world where blood cancers are no longer a significant threat.

Please make a tax-deductible donation today. Thank you for supporting us, for supporting the important work of the LLS - and for supporting Helen!


Supporter Comments

    "In honor of Helen and with love to Helen, Paul, Jeff and Daina."

    Phyllis L. Schatz, MD

    Fri Oct 04 09:51:44 EDT 2013

    "Love Ya"

    Desiree Maumus

    Sun Sep 29 03:39:58 EDT 2013

    "Go get 'em Daina and Jeff! This is for a great cause, and we support you. Terry and Brian Mingle"

    Terry and Brian Mingle

    Thu Sep 26 03:34:32 EDT 2013

    "Walk on...wonderful to see you both supporting such a good cause."

    sarah minkoff baylis

    Thu Sep 26 03:10:07 EDT 2013

    "Congratulations on another year of hard work and dedication! We're so proud of you all. Good luck!"


    Tue Sep 24 04:40:27 EDT 2013

    "Happy to support LLS for all families with lymphoma survivors!"

    Rebekah Gordon

    Wed Sep 11 09:46:20 EDT 2013

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