My Fundraising Page

My Fundraising Page
Jul 31, 2013

Welcome to my Light The Night Walk Fundraising Page

We are living in an extraordinary moment. The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS) is on the brink of incredible breakthroughs that have already begun to change the lives of thousands of patients; treatments that can manage a person's condition with a daily pill, therapies that seek out cancer cells and kill them, and the use of a patient's own immune system to eradicate cancer not someday, but today.

The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society's Light The Night Walk funds those treatments.

Please make a donation and check my Web site frequently to see my progress. Thanks for your support!


Supporter Comments

    "Jackie, Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family members, and please know that we will be with you all in spirit on October 6."

    Robin Kamody

    Sun Aug 18 09:35:04 EDT 2013

    "Jackie - I hope that you have a successful recovery and will be thinking of you and your family."

    Jasi Kamody

    Sun Aug 18 09:43:09 EDT 2013

    "Keeping Jackie and your family in my prayers. "

    Ann Patterson

    Mon Aug 19 10:30:02 EDT 2013

    "Jackie, God Bless You and your family. Our prayers are with you."

    Dave & KIm Sadowski

    Mon Aug 19 10:33:18 EDT 2013

    "Donated to Team Jackie. We are praying for a complete recovery."

    Curt Smith

    Tue Aug 20 09:20:59 EDT 2013

    "Jackie, Keeping you and your family in my thoughts and prayers."

    Susan Beale

    Mon Sep 16 10:05:27 EDT 2013

    "Fight the fight, you will win!!! You have a strong team that has your back. Your friends from up north."

    Jeff Gmerek

    Thu Oct 03 11:19:18 EDT 2013

    "Jackie - Keep on fighting and never give up hope. God Bless you and your family. Cyndee Cibik"

    Cyndee Cibik

    Mon Oct 07 01:34:07 EDT 2013

    "Jackie our prayers and thoughts are with you and your family. Keep up the good work"

    Kim and Ray Kowalski

    Tue Oct 08 05:03:07 EDT 2013

    "I work with your dad, and know your mom from the YMCA. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers. Tawni"

    Tawni Paunovich

    Fri Sep 27 06:37:21 EDT 2013

    "Jackie - God Bless and best wishes for a rapid recovery. Our prayers are with you. Chip and Gina."

    chip and gina miller

    Wed Sep 18 03:06:37 EDT 2013

    "We are praying for you."

    Chris and Jane Connolly

    Thu Sep 05 08:03:02 EDT 2013

    "My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. "


    Wed Sep 04 03:50:02 EDT 2013

    "Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. "

    Deborah Dunmire

    Wed Aug 28 12:46:16 EDT 2013

    "Our Best wishes to you and your family. "

    Beverly Virostek

    Wed Aug 28 12:45:11 EDT 2013

    "Keep up the fight and I know you will beat this."

    Patrick Segriff

    Wed Aug 28 09:52:51 EDT 2013

    "Our best wishes and most sincere prayers for the entire Salvaterra Family. Kevin and Marci Ceraso"

    Marcia L Ceraso

    Thu Aug 22 02:04:02 EDT 2013

    "Jack, I am praying for Jackie's health and strength for your family during this difficult time."


    Tue Aug 20 03:22:25 EDT 2013

    "Our best wishes and most sincere prayers for the entire Salvaterra Family. May God's healing hand touch you all. John and Donna Sample "

    John and Donna Sample

    Tue Aug 20 01:35:11 EDT 2013

    "Jackie, Our Thoughts and Prayers are with you always. Frank & Madeline Sulava."

    Frank Sulava

    Tue Aug 20 12:39:02 EDT 2013

    "Our thoughts and prayers are with you, Jackie, and with your family. "

    Rita & Ken Aber

    Tue Aug 20 12:31:39 EDT 2013

    "Know that you and your family are in my prayers, Jackie, until you are completely well. Liz Cooper"

    Liz Cooper

    Mon Aug 19 02:40:03 EDT 2013

    "Keep on fighting; my prayers and thoughts are with you"

    Gary Adam

    Mon Aug 19 09:45:37 EDT 2013

    "Jackie, Wishing you continued recovery. You are included in our prayers and want you to know that you are stronger than you can believe. Better days are coming - Cindy and Al Thompson"

    Allan Thompson

    Mon Aug 19 08:38:46 EDT 2013

    "My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family"

    Paula Neumann

    Mon Aug 19 07:28:49 EDT 2013

    "Jack - My thoughts and prayers are with you, Jackie and your entire family. Keep up the good fight. You will win this! Your ATI colleague and friend in the Carolinas - Scott Reider"

    Scott Reider

    Sat Aug 17 10:09:33 EDT 2013

    "Keep fighting Jackie! You and your family are in my prayers."

    Teresa Stumpf

    Fri Aug 16 03:57:21 EDT 2013

    "Best wishes and prayers from Colleen the kids and me.Bob Matsik"

    Robert Matsik

    Fri Aug 16 03:55:39 EDT 2013

    "As a friend of Jack's, I will keep you in my prayers and thoughts. Carol DiFrischia"

    Carol DiFrischia

    Fri Aug 16 03:34:39 EDT 2013

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chip and gina miller $250.00
Marcia L Ceraso $250.00
Frank Sulava $250.00
Bill Knauss $250.00
Robin Kamody $250.00
Ann Patterson $200.00
Scott Reider $200.00
Jeff Gmerek $100.00
Beverly Virostek $100.00
Patrick Segriff $100.00
Bruce Bazzani $100.00
Curt Smith $100.00
John and Donna Sample $100.00
Craig Romanowski $100.00
Chris & Karen Napoli $100.00
Paula Neumann $100.00
Jasi Kamody $100.00
Tracy McFarland $100.00
Thomas M. Nee $100.00
Robert Matsik $100.00
Carol DiFrischia $100.00
Laura Bouchat $50.00
Glenn & Marcia Costa $50.00
Kim and Ray Kowalski $50.00
Tawni Paunovich $50.00
Susan Beale $50.00
Anonymous $50.00
Thad & Marcia Ochs $50.00
Deborah Dunmire $50.00
Pete and Dee Bruneau $50.00
Scott Kamer $50.00
Rita & Ken Aber $50.00
Frank Spiecha $50.00
Mark Quigley $50.00
Liz Cooper $50.00
Kirk Spiegel $50.00
Dave & KIm Sadowski $50.00
Bernie & Adriana Kurjanow... $50.00
Brian Ondras $50.00
Vonnie Rotnour $50.00
Hoover Family $50.00
Cyndee Cibik $30.00
Chris and Jane Connolly $30.00
Mark & Debi Ziemianski $30.00
Karen Sadowsky $30.00
Jeanne Jones $30.00
Kristen Embert $30.00
Allan Thompson $30.00
Teresa Stumpf $30.00
Roger Hammill $30.00
Beth DelRosso  
Gary Adam