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Support Marcelino in beating Cancer #NooneFightsAlone
Sep 25, 2017

Welcome to our Light The Night Fundraising Page- 

Please join us in bringing light to the darkness of cancer and giving our nephew Marcelino the courage to continue fighting.  At this very moment he lays in his hospital bed courageoulsy fighting this awful disease.  By donating towards his fundraising efforts in support of The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society's Light The Night you will help show this young man that the fight IS worth fighting as his strength and faith are being tested.


Our Nephew Marcelino Leon -Cordovda was first diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia at age of 8 years old, an age far too young for one to understand one’s own mortality.  Many of you followed his courageous story and helped encourage him through his three year treatment protocol that was by no means easy for him which he completed at the age of 11...

Just shy of his 5 year anniversary of having been in remission this disease has once again targeted our sweet, selfless boy. Now 16 years old he has been re-diagnosed and began intense in- patient chemo treatments to aggressively treat the cancer in his spinal fluid and bone marrow. In a few weeks, once the disease is under control and a donor is located, he will undergo a bone marrow transplant. Marcelino has been in a hospital bed for almost three weeks now enduring regular Lumbar Punctures (where they drive a needle into your spinal canal,) 2 kinds of intense chemo treatments and as he lay there he is wondering if he has the strength to fight.  Our intention in explaining this is not to be graphic but to explain the fortitude that fighting requires of ones mental and physical state of being. He is currently being challenged and is working his way through the darkness.  


This is a fundraiser that he looks forward to each year as he knows what vast resources it takes to beat cancer.  With this cause so close to his heart, he has always worked to give back to others like him in need, even when he went into remission himself not knowing that one day he would face this deadly disease a second time.   As he lays in his hospital bed, his uncle Jason and I cannot fight the cancer for him, in fact we feel quite helpless as this is a fight that he must fight, but ...there is one thing we CAN do... we can help him continue his legacy by raising money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society in his name.  He may not have the strength to do this and simultaneously beat cancer again but we do this small thing for him and we cannot tell you how much we apreciate your support of us, Marcelino and the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society! 


Money raised through Light The Night allows The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS) to fund treatments for patients who are suffering from all forms of blood cancers. The impact of LLS supported research goes beyond blood cancers. The discoveries made in blood cancer research have led to break through treatments for many cancers and other serious diseases. 

Help defeat the darkness of cancer. Please make a donation today to continue to help children like our nephew Marcelino!


"Stars Cannot Shine without the darkness" - D.H. Sidebottom


Supporter Comments

    "Sending love and strength."

    Jay and Matt

    Tue Oct 03 12:53:31 EDT 2017

    "Kick Cancer�s butt!! You got this!💪🏽 💪🏽💪🏽"

    Janiz Frago

    Tue Sep 26 12:00:11 EDT 2017

    "YOU'RE AN AMAZING LITTLE MAN! How incredible of you to want to help others in the way that you do. KEEP FIGHTING ROCKSTAR!!! 🙌🏻⭐️😜🤗"

    Matt Schwenk

    Sun Sep 24 11:22:58 EDT 2017

    "Marcelino, you have had to be stronger than most for such a long time now. Keep fighting... it's worth it."

    Matt Hayden and Amaury

    Sun Sep 24 11:01:06 EDT 2017

    "We love you Marcelino!! Please keep fighting and kick cancer's butt!"

    Carol and Lindsey Wolf

    Sun Sep 24 09:54:31 EDT 2017

    "With love for Marcelino "

    Skooter and Jason Leon-Wolf

    Sun Sep 24 09:03:27 EDT 2017

    "I am holding you in my heart every day. Stay strong, my sweet angel. You are such an inspiration to all, and we are wrapping you with all of our love. "

    Quynh Nguyen

    Mon Sep 25 12:32:19 EDT 2017



    Mon Sep 25 03:13:07 EDT 2017

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