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Aug 30, 2018
WOW! We are making such great progress! Thank you from the bottom of my heart to all of the donors for this wonderful event. I am so lucky to have you guys on my team! Let's keep it going!
In Honor of Aiden
Sep 06, 2018

Welcome to My Light The Night Fundraising Page

Join me in bringing light to the darkness of cancer by donating towards my fundraising efforts in support of The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society's Light The Night.

My name is Aiden, I am 4 years old. I love dancing and playing with my guitar. I like spending time on my Ipad and watching “YouTube” videos. I also enjoy art, cars, blowing bubbles, and giving my family hugs and kisses. Spending time with my Mom, Dad, and Sisters being goofy is one of my favorite things to do.September 2016, I began getting sick; the doctors thought it was a common illness, but Sunday, October 16th  two months after my second birthday I was diagnosed with T-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia and admitted to the pediatric intensive care unit. Since October 2016, I have been admitted several times for complications with treatment, fevers, respiratory infections and surgeries

Since, I’ve been in and out of hospital, I’ve had dialysis, IV infusions, blood/ platelet transfusions, respiratory support, monthly intravenous chemotherapy treatments, spinal tap, bone marrow testing, Chemotherapy through my spinal fluid, three surgeries including Broviac installation, Broviac removal (March 30, 2017 for bacteria infection) and port installation (April 7, 2017) these are just a few and since the beginning of my treatments.

Overall I’m doing well, the hospital staff all refer to me as “The Miracle Baby” on my floor as I was given three days to live. I continue to receive test results above the doctor’s expectations. I am a fighter, and I see myself beating this and being cancer free. I have a calling on my life to tell my testimony about the power of healing, I know angles are surrounding me. My family is very supportive of finding ways to stay positive and help me through my steroid induced personality changes, redirecting me to things that make me happy.

Please help in any way you can by donating to the Leukemia + Lymphoma Society, connecting with Adeola' s Advocacy or helping a family in need during a difficult time. If you would like to go above and beyond please reach out the leader of this fundraiser Corina Clark or My mom through Adeola's Advocacy our non-profit at or through Facebook at  

By giving a donation today, you can help children like Aiden.

Money raised through Light The Night allows The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS) to fund treatments for patients who are suffering from all forms of blood cancers. The impact of LLS supported research goes beyond blood cancers. The discoveries made in blood cancer research have led to break through treatments for many cancers and other serious diseases.

Help defeat the darkness of cancer. Please make a donation today to continue to help children like Aiden!


Supporter Comments

    "Good luck <3 blessings. Xoxo"

    Ricardo Richardson

    Wed Aug 15 02:17:37 EDT 2018


    Kaylah Cooley

    Wed Aug 22 12:55:12 EDT 2018

    "Love You! I Support Your Cause. It�s So Amazing To See Talented Queens Come Together For A Great Cause An Movement. "

    Lejeriouz Isaac

    Thu Sep 13 12:31:41 EDT 2018

    "Every little bit Counts "


    Fri Sep 14 02:04:53 EDT 2018

    "Thank you for what you?re doing this is an amazing cause!"

    Catherine Cobb

    Sat Sep 15 11:35:39 EDT 2018

    "Love you!&#10084;&#65039;"

    Danarsha Johnson

    Sun Sep 16 01:28:54 EDT 2018

    "We love you. "

    Tiny and Gi Gi

    Sun Sep 16 01:36:14 EDT 2018

    "The Werk-A-Thon in Sacramento, CA was a huge success! Great work team! "

    Werk-A-Thon Fundraiser Sacramento

    Wed Sep 19 06:11:47 EDT 2018

    "Broke but got hope &#128556;&#128149; Keep up the work. Your an inspiration &#10084;&#65039;"

    Elycia Avila

    Sat Sep 29 12:02:05 EDT 2018

    "Werk-A-Thon So Cal fundraiser was a success! Thank you everybody!"

    Werk-A-Thon So Cal

    Wed Oct 17 12:58:34 EDT 2018

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