My Fundraising Page

My Fundraising Page
Sep 01, 2016

Why I Walk

I was diagnosed with Stage 3B Hodgkins Lymphoma on April 28, 2015. I began my ABVD chemotherapy regimen on May 13, just 5 days after graduating with my Master of Public Administration from the University of Georgia (go Dawgs!). After 12 rounds of ABVD, my oncologists were not satisfied with the results. Although the lymph nodes had shrunk, my PET scan still showed intense activity within the cells indicating that the cancer was still rapidly growing.

I began my second chemotherapy regimen of ICE. After 2 cycles of having chemo three consecutive days a week, my PET scan came back with mixed results. The lymph nodes in my neck and chest had shrunk. However, the lymph nodes in my abdomen and pelvis had gotten larger. Thus, I began a third chemotherapy regimen of a new drug called Brentuximab.

On April 19, 2016, I had my autologous stem cell transplant. I spent 21 days in the hospital and 100 days in isolation. But, my cancer cells began to grow again. After another week in the hospital and two trips to the ER, the doctors found that my cancer had metastasized to my spine causing extreme back and abdominal pain. So, I started my first round of 10 radiation treatments and I will continue brentuximab for another 16 cycles.

My fight has been longer than I had expected. But, I am alive. Much of that is because of the research done by LLS. Without LLS, I would not have such a high survival rate. Please consider donating any amount so that others may have the same odds.

Please help me support The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society's Light The Night Walk by donating towards my fundraising efforts today. You can help bring us closer to living in a world without cancers!

Make someday today!


Supporter Comments

    "Screw Cancer. Go Dawgs. "


    Wed Mar 02 05:38:15 EST 2016

    "I love you!"

    Baby Lyra

    Thu Mar 03 10:41:36 EST 2016

    "You are such an inspiration! Thank you for raising awareness and fighting for yourself but also those who are no longer with us. We are all rooting for you. <3"

    Nicole Holubar

    Tue Mar 22 10:42:35 EDT 2016

    "Proud of you! You are an inspiration of strength, perseverance and toughness. "

    Cherish Bailey

    Tue Mar 22 10:56:39 EDT 2016

    "<3 you and all that you do"

    Danielle Sambo

    Tue Mar 22 11:43:53 EDT 2016

    "Happy (early) birthday Stephenie! Get better soon so you can come back to LLS :)"

    Carly Rohrbacher

    Thu Mar 31 03:38:22 EDT 2016

    "Happy Birthday Gbig! I'm donating $28 in honor of the birthday that you haven't celebrated yet because next year, we will be celebrating your cancer-free birthday! <3 <3 <3 Enjoy your day! "

    Jaleesa Reed

    Sat Apr 02 09:42:58 EDT 2016

    "Happy Birthday beautiful! "

    Kelsey O'Neill

    Sat Apr 02 11:00:04 EDT 2016

    "Happy birthday, Rem! Always thinking of you and sending lots of love and hugs your way! "

    May Advincula

    Sat Apr 02 12:20:20 EDT 2016

    "Happy birthday Stephenie! I admire how strong you are during this difficult got this!!!"

    Xuan Ly-Carter

    Sun Apr 03 12:08:23 EDT 2016

    "Cheering you on! Happy Birthday to such a special, inspirational person. "

    Meredith Harvey

    Sun Apr 03 12:21:58 EDT 2016

    "Happy birthday love!! &#10084;&#65039;Papa"

    Victoria Huynh

    Sun Apr 03 12:36:20 EDT 2016

    "Yay! Clap clap clap! Hugs hugs hugs- two thumbs up for team Steph!"

    Nhu And family

    Sun Apr 03 01:19:23 EDT 2016

    "Happy Birthday! Love ya!"

    alysaa soluren

    Sun Apr 03 07:53:18 EDT 2016

    "Happy Birthday to one amazing and strong woman! Wish we lived closer to you so we could support you in your fight. We are sending you lots of thoughts and prayers and hugs. Debbie and Stew"

    deborah anderson

    Mon Apr 04 12:19:25 EDT 2016

    "Stephenie, stay strong and keep up your great attitude!"

    Jim Henningsen

    Mon May 02 05:13:27 EDT 2016

    "Wishing you the best Remedi!"

    Athena Chea

    Thu Sep 01 01:00:58 EDT 2016

    "Go Stephenie! Your strength is so admirable and spreading awareness about this is awesome."

    Penn hansa

    Tue Sep 06 11:06:07 EDT 2016

    "Go Stephanie! Xoxo"

    Priscilla Hioe Burleson

    Mon Sep 12 05:39:29 EDT 2016

    "Keep fighting like a girl - and BIG Love, always!"

    Melanie Shelnutt

    Mon Nov 14 09:13:15 EST 2016

    "I can't think of anyone more deserving on #GivingTuesday! Love you!!!"

    Kelsey O'Neill

    Tue Nov 29 08:06:08 EST 2016

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