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Feb 28, 2017
CUREageous CUDA                                                                                                           
Ben Cuda, fighting to wipe cancer clean!!

In March of 2015 my dad, Ben Cuda was diagnosed with Stage 4, Follicular Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma at the age of 58.  He immediately began a six-treatment chemotherapy regimen and was in remission by October of 2015.  Less than a year later the cancer had recurred and this time was more aggressive.  He began a different chemotherapy cocktail which he is still undergoing; with his initial short remission time and other factors, the oncologist has recommended an allogenic stem cell transplant.  This is a very aggressive treatment option, but at dad’s age of 60 years old, he is ready for the fight and sees it as the only option.  Should he successfully find a good donor match, have no issues during or after the transplant this treatment can provide a CURE!! 

Our team, fighting for my dad (CUREageous Cuda) is trying to raise $100,000.00 to support cancer research funded by The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, and all money will be donated on behalf of Ben Cuda at the Light the Night Walk, September 30th, we ask that you do more than simply donate, but you join us that night for the event!!

I want to personally thank LLS for being a crutch during our family's fight.  They have very knowledgeable people and resources that are able to assist us in any questions and better prepare us for what to expect during the upcoming battle. 

*Thank you to Allied Refreshment, Carlitos Mexican Food, Core Physical Therapy, PPG Consulting, and Specialized Home Care to help reach our goal.

Supporter Comments

    "Such a miracle! We will continue to pray for your heakth and recovery! What a gift from God! . . . "Don't tell God you have a big problem, tell your problem you have a big God" . . . Love, The Noivo's . . .Carol Jo, Lucio, & Family "

    The Noivo Family

    Wed Sep 20 02:39:19 EDT 2017

    "Best wishes"

    Eric Armstrong

    Fri Sep 22 05:32:55 EDT 2017

    "Blessings to your family!"

    Jonathan Campau

    Mon Sep 25 10:48:38 EDT 2017

    "Hang in there Ben; Never stop fighting!"

    John Caime & Pat Caime $100.00

    Thu Jul 13 12:54:58 EDT 2017

    "Our warmest wishes to you all in this challenge. "

    Kevin Tubbesing, The Land Source

    Wed Jul 12 02:39:51 EDT 2017

    "Prayers and blessing for your Dad Ben Cuda. Family makes us stronger. Keep fighting the fight to beat this! "

    Cathy and Hank Adamson

    Fri May 26 05:09:15 EDT 2017

    "Keep fighting Ben!!"

    Anthony Sansone

    Wed Mar 22 01:44:13 EDT 2017

    ""Good luck Ben! Stay strong, we are all praying for you!" Joe John, Joe B, Diane, Michael, and John Anthony"

    Joseph Bonacorso

    Tue Mar 21 12:57:18 EDT 2017

    "Prayers for our Ben...always with a smile on his face!"

    Mary Jo Giacomo

    Mon Mar 20 11:35:51 EDT 2017

    "You're always in my prayers, Ben. Keep up the fight❤"

    Fanny-Jo Sansone

    Mon Mar 20 04:21:59 EDT 2017

    "We love you Ben I know how strong you are. You have great support from your family and friends. Keep up the good fight."

    Nick and Roselyn Zig

    Mon Mar 20 03:09:44 EDT 2017

    "Sending lots of prayers your way !"

    Mariann and Joey Meiners

    Sun Mar 19 06:02:36 EDT 2017

    "Love you Uncle Ben! ❤️"

    Sal & Gina LoPorto

    Sun Mar 19 05:17:45 EDT 2017

    "Love ya, stay strong and keep smiling!!!!"

    John and Carol

    Sun Mar 19 04:54:48 EDT 2017

    "Ben I enjoy seeing you on my trips to the restaurant - it's been great getting to know you. I'm thankful that you accept me, even after knowing my dad. Continued prayers during your fight. You WILL beat this - you have too much life to live. Keep up the great spirits. "

    Lauren Claypool

    Fri Mar 17 01:36:52 EDT 2017

    "You are a barraCUDA and you are in our prayers. JoMarie Armilio"

    JoMarie Armilio

    Mon Mar 13 06:00:36 EDT 2017

    "Sending prayers to a great man! You have the support of family and many friends. We love you!"

    Steve Johns

    Mon Mar 13 03:27:09 EDT 2017

    "love you!"

    Deanna DiSalvo

    Mon Mar 13 12:13:02 EDT 2017

    "You've got this, Uncle Ben! 💪🏼"

    Joanna Cuda

    Fri Mar 10 09:54:20 EST 2017

    "PRAYING FOR YOUR SUCCESSFUL STEM CELL TREATMENT and CURE! Asking God to send you healing Angels for cure and strength!"

    Barbara Hughes

    Thu Mar 09 09:25:00 EST 2017

    "Your a Fighter and always have an upbeat attitude! Chuck and Cindy LoPorto"

    Cindy & Chuck LoPorto

    Wed Mar 08 07:51:45 EST 2017

    "Prayers headed your way. Love, Carol Jo, Lucio, Viviana, & Lilian"

    Carol Jo & Lucio Noivo

    Tue Mar 07 02:24:27 EST 2017

    "Good luck Ben. You have had such a positive outlook during this ordeal. As a friend and patron of Carlitos, I hope to see you soon. Be strong!"

    Jeff Bolton

    Mon Mar 06 12:57:07 EST 2017

    "Never give up! You and the family are in our prayers. "

    Frank and Lydia Pisciotta

    Wed Mar 22 09:30:56 EDT 2017

    "Ben, you are in our thoughts are prayers. Joe and Lilian Genovese"

    Joe/Lilian Genovese

    Tue Mar 21 04:24:46 EDT 2017

    "Ben, you have the attitude, support, and inner strength to beat this. We're praying for you."

    Louis and Lori Lipari

    Thu Mar 16 09:07:50 EDT 2017

    "Never give up!"

    Kathleen Warman

    Fri Mar 10 03:25:43 EST 2017

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