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Dave Cox Story on the loss of his dad
Aug 14, 2018



Whose life hasn’t been touched?  In some way.  By someone they know.  By someone they love.  For me it begins with my dad.  The man I look like, laugh like, and sometimes act like.  It started in 1990, at the age of 57 with a bout of colon cancer.  Dad was a resilient guy, stubborn to some.  Not inclined to give in easy.  So in spite of the ravages of the treatment, he persisted.  And survived.  That was round one. 

A few years later non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma showed up.   Extensive treatment and lots of sick days. Lots of them.  He was sure he would beat it again.  And he did.  Round two completed. 

But it returned at the end of the decade. This time in his prostate.  More of the same.   More surgery.  More treatments.  More difficulty.  More pain. But once again, he came through it. We were amazed.  His characteristic wit still intact.  We were grateful.  His wife.  His kids.  His grandkids.  Round three completed. 

We got through a few more years – good years for us all – each one a gift -- before it returned.  Really?  A fourth time?  Would he survive?  Could he survive?  Again?  We watched him endure more than many, more than most.  This time, from the wear and tear of the past fifteen years, his heart gave out.  And we remembered. His love.  His persistence.  His optimism.  His faithfulness.  

For me, it begins with my dad.  But it doesn’t end there.  Tirath Harpalani lost his long battle to Leukemia last year.   As did Jim Nordstrom, after three rounds with this fierce foe.   


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