My Fundraising Page

My Fundraising Page
Sep 27, 2017

Welcome to My Light The Night Fundraising Page

Join me in bringing light to the darkness of cancer by donating towards my fundraising efforts in support of The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society's Light The Night.  Stand with me in the fight against cancer. Here is my story: 

Unfortunately I think everyone I know has been touched by cancer in some form. My Korean birth mom had a terminal cancer, my American dad who adopted me (and three other children) is a cancer survivor, as well as my step mom Judy and my sister in law Cindy. My brother in law Joe, that I never had the honor to meet, was taken by cancer before I had the chance to meet him. My husband had to painfully watch his strong, charismatic, athletically talented and beloved brother Joe wither away before being taken by cancer. My brother in law George was recently and suddenly taken by cancer. I watched my best friend Jenn at such a young age lose one of the most important things to her and for many women I know, the ability to carry her own child because of what cancer took from her. It was an awful, extremely painful and humbling experience to watch my best friend suffer knowing all I could do was be there for her. My favorite and current boss, Rick battled stage 4 cancer and is also a cancer survivor and raised three beautiful, strong, compassionate and independent children through his battle.

Not all of us get a chance to be a survivor - many lose their battle - many of them young children, still innocent and have not had the chance to explore the world around them, have their first kiss, fall in love or just be a kid. Many of us take for granted what we have including people - until tragedy strikes us directly.

I am writing to say - let's fight for our lost loved ones, let's fight for our survivors, let's fight for those children and babies because they can't even comprehend what cancer is or what cancer can do to their tiny, fragile bodies, let's fight so that less tragedies strike close to home or directly to us. Take a moment and remember how precious life is and how quickly it can be devastated or taken away.

My company Clark & Associates, Inc. Financial Solutions is walking and raising money and awareness for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society - Light The Night Walk. This helps support the research of blood cancer treatments that saves lives. Let me repeat that - saves lives!!!!

It doesn't matter what type of cancer you have been touched by, let's stand together and fight against ALL cancers! Please take a look at our team page and donate to help in the fight against cancer. Your donations are also tax deductible - Hey - I am in Finance after all! From the bottom of my heart, Thank you!




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