My Fundraising Page

My Fundraising Page
Sep 23, 2013

I'm part of the Skepchick Team that is raising money to fund treatments for leukemia and lymphoma. The Steifel Freethought Foundation has generously offered to match donations, so it's like you're giving twice as much!

To encourage people to give until it hurts, here are a few incentives. If you donate:

$20, I will Tweet you a very nice compliment (from @rebeccawatson).

$25, I will Tweet you a very nice insult.

$50, I will make a Vine in which I say your name and thank you, and also a cat will be there looking adorable.

$100, I will make a YouTube video thanking you and also maybe talking about how smart and good looking you are.

Just use the "message" part of the donation form to tell me your Twitter handle or name or whatever you want called out.

Thanks for helping out!


Supporter Comments

    "A YouTube video, 4 insults are fine or neither are all acceptable. @miltonline"

    Milton Mermikides

    Sun Oct 06 12:36:43 EDT 2013

    "Happy to help! I'm @Lazarius ("Hwan", pronounced "Huan")."


    Fri Oct 04 01:47:08 EDT 2013

    "I get enough insults on my own, thank you very much."

    bob k.

    Sun Sep 29 01:20:06 EDT 2013

    "The odd cents were driving me batty! "

    Heather Siniscalchi

    Thu Sep 26 07:07:06 EDT 2013

    "Happy to donate to a noble cause. My twitter handle is @eetommyj "double-e Tommy J"."

    Thomas Jaworowski

    Wed Sep 25 08:03:47 EDT 2013

    "Helping good people and a good cause! Tom Cost"

    Tom Cost

    Wed Sep 25 11:52:15 EDT 2013

    "Can't wait for a cat Vine. My name is Kim Hoesl (hoe-zel). Love your work, Rebecca."

    Kim H.

    Tue Sep 24 01:49:53 EDT 2013

    "I'm happy to donate to such a great cause, Rebecca. Thanks for all the work you do in the skeptics community! @jamingray on twitter (my first name is pronounced "jay-men")"

    Jamin Gray

    Tue Sep 24 10:47:27 EDT 2013

    "@myariemer Mya Riemer (maya ree-mer) I don't particularly want a youtube video, though. I generally eschew it. Although cats could sway me."


    Mon Sep 23 01:33:05 EDT 2013

    "Don't need a name-dropping, just cat."

    C K

    Wed Nov 13 09:55:57 EST 2013

    "Glad to donate. No known relation to Dr. Wayne W. Dyer, BTW."

    Wayne Dyer

    Tue Sep 24 04:25:09 EDT 2013

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Raised: $1,114.07 | Goal: $1,000.00
111 %

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Team Total: $2,840.03 | Goal: $10,001.00

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My Thanks To

Thomas Jaworowski $100.00
Tom Cost $100.00
Wayne Dyer $100.00
Jamin Gray $100.00
Terry H $100.00
C K $50.00
Hwan $50.00
Kim H. $50.00
Anonymous $50.00
@research2bedone $25.00
bob k. $24.99
Heather Siniscalchi $20.14
Milton Mermikides