Welcome to our Team's Homepage

Welcome to our Team's Homepage
Feb 21, 2013

Welcome to my Light The Night Walk Team homepage.

Light The Night Walk is The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society's annual fundraising walk to pay tribute and bring hope to people battling cancer. Hundreds of thousands of participants raise funds for lifesaving research and patient services.

For more than 60 years, The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS) has been solely focused on people with blood cancers. Presently, we have more than $250 million committed to research across the United States and in ten other countries. Every dollar is provided by concerned donors. We invest in the best, outcome based science:

  • Anywhere, with no geographic or institutional boundaries
  • Without profit incentive
  • To meet unmet Medicare needs of people with blood cancers

And LLS funded advances are helping patients beyond those for whom they were originally developed, including people with solid tumors and auto-immune diseases. In the past decade, nearly 50% (19 out of 39) of the cancer drugs approved by the FDA were approved as treatments for blood cancer patients. Twelve are already approved for people beyond those for whom they were first developed. With your help, we are saving lives.

  • A donation of $30 provides patients and their loved ones with FREE booklets that contain up-to-date information on their disease and help them make informed decisions about their treatment options.
  • A donation of $50 makes possible a Family Support group with a trained facilitator where comfort can be found and experiences can be shared among patients and family members.
  • A donation of $100 helps supply laboratory researchers with supplies and materials critical to carrying out their search for cures.
  • A donation of $1,000 makes possible one- on-one conversations with health care specialists who provide patients with information about their disease, treatment options, and helps prepare them with questions for their health care team.

Please join our team's effort today by registering to walk or by making a donation. Your participation in the Light The Night Walk will help save lives. Be sure to check our team Web site frequently to see our progress, and thanks for your support!

Team Name Subteam Walk Site Date Team Captain City/State  
Thompson & Knight   Main Street Garden Park 10/27/13 Rita Howdeshell Dallas, TX  
Thompson & Knight Thompson & Knight - Floor 14 Main Street Garden Park 10/27/13 Patti Pyles Dallas, TX  
Thompson & Knight Thompson & Knight - Floor 16 Main Street Garden Park 10/27/13 Roxann Marshall Dallas, TX  
Thompson & Knight Thompson & Knight - Floor 17 Main Street Garden Park 10/27/13 Jo Stewart Dallas, TX  
Thompson & Knight Thompson & Knight - Floor 2 Main Street Garden Park 10/27/13 Kim Wood Dallas, TX  
Thompson & Knight Thompson & Knight - Floors 13/15 Main Street Garden Park 10/27/13 Jane Brandt Dallas, TX  

Supporter Comments

    "Match for C. Montgomery donation"

    Jane P Brandt

    Mon Aug 19 02:54:50 EDT 2013

    "This is a donation to the Floor 13/15 Team of Thompson & Knight LLP."

    Norman Rogers

    Wed Aug 21 11:27:12 EDT 2013

    "Go Team TK!"

    Jen Fargo

    Fri Oct 25 01:25:48 EDT 2013

Team Fundraising Total

Goal: $25,000.00
143 %
Donations: $35,640.50

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We are sorry donations are no longer being accepted for this team for this event.

Thanks To

Thompson & Knight LLP $1584.50
Unspecified Donor $1245.00
Anonymous $1000.00
Jane Brandt $1000.00
Norman Rogers $500.00
David Schulte $500.00
Rust E. Reid $250.00
Mark Sloan $250.00
James McKellar $250.00
Anonymous $250.00
Greg Curry $250.00
Andrew Melsheimer $250.00
Jane P Brandt $250.00
Jessica Hammons $200.00
Thompson & Knight LLP $170.00
Jonna Osborne $135.00
Jane Brandt $110.00
Meghan Kreuziger $110.00
Wanda Cockrell $100.00
Hugh Blevins $100.00
Roselyn Howedeshell $100.00
Andrew Derman $100.00
John Navarro $80.00
Peter Lodwick $75.00
Leonora Meyercord $60.00
Max Ciccarelli $55.00
Christi Durden $50.00
Patti Pyles $50.00
Anchi Ku $50.00
Kim Wood $50.00
Marilyn Kittelson $50.00
tanya wadsworth $50.00
Cathy Means $50.00
Bill Womble $50.00
Chris Linn $50.00
Madeleine Combs $50.00
Jennifer Ecklund $50.00
Shelley Glazer $36.00
Alex Wallace $30.00
Jorge Carranza $30.00
Jackie Nash $25.00
Tatyana McCormick $25.00
Thompson & Knight LLP $25.00
Christi Durden $25.00
Arthur Wright $25.00
Patsy Dotson $25.00
Kelly Perez $20.00
Joan Caudle $20.00
Tatyana McCormick $20.00
Madeleine Combs $20.00
Nadia Haghighatiar $20.00
Ceyita Clark $20.00
Louis Rajsich $20.00
Cindy Huckaby $20.00
Vickie Green $15.00
Cynthia Lindsley $15.00
Charlisa Moore $15.00
John Navarro $15.00
Marigra Gonzales $10.00
Nadia Haghighatiar $10.00
Stephen Harrison $10.00
Diane Scheffler $10.00
Allene Bradt $10.00
Jackie Nash $10.00
Hillary Lyon $10.00
Jonna Osborne $10.00
Jacqueline White $5.00
Rod Bradt $5.00
Jorge Carranza $5.00
Unspecified Donor $5.00
Linda Carranza $5.00
Sarah Crotty $5.00
Jo Stewart $5.00
Shannon Webb $5.00
Jen Fargo  
Cheryl Wulff  
Judy Baker  
Michael Titens  
Megan Hoyt  
Steven Bartz  
Jenny Henry  
Rich Wynne