My Fundraising Page

My Fundraising Page
Aug 31, 2017

Welcome to My Light The Night Fundraising Page


Join me in bringing light to the darkness of cancer by donating towards my fundraising efforts in support of The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society's Light The Night. By giving a donation today, you can help people like me.


On January 20, 2017, I was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma. We never thought the cough I got the previous August would lead us down this road. The past few months have been filled with multiple procedures, never ending doctor appointments and six rounds of chemotherapy. I'm currently feeling great, my hair is growing back and I will be undergoing another small biopsy this week to determine if any additional treatment is needed.


My family, friends and the people I've met along this journey have made each day a little easier. I'm dedicating this walk to one special individual I met while in the hospital. Ginger, I'll continue to fight for you.


Money raised through Light The Night allows The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS) to fund treatments for patients who are suffering from all forms of blood cancers. The impact of LLS supported research goes beyond blood cancers. The discoveries made in blood cancer research have led to break through treatments for many cancers and other serious diseases. Help defeat the darkness of cancer. Please make a donation today :)



Supporter Comments

    "Love you Caitlain!"

    Sarah Placeres

    Thu Aug 31 12:57:52 EDT 2017

    "You've got this girl 👍🏼 We all love you Caitlin "

    Ashley Grijalva

    Thu Aug 31 01:19:03 EDT 2017

    "Yea Caitlin!!"

    Amy Lander

    Thu Aug 31 08:52:45 EDT 2017

    "Prayers and blessings as no one fights alone! -❤️"

    Adina Braatz

    Thu Aug 31 09:12:35 EDT 2017

    "Some money wrapped in many hugs to you :-)"

    Gary & Deena Johnson

    Thu Aug 31 10:58:28 EDT 2017

    "Proud of how strong you are Caitlin!! XOXO"

    Lauren Gensicke

    Thu Aug 31 01:32:56 EDT 2017

    "God bless you & my prayers are with you. "

    Brenda Tran

    Fri Sep 01 01:01:50 EDT 2017

    "We love you Caitlin!"

    Shelly, Bruce, Kaelyn, Tyler & Chandleru1ZJR

    Sat Sep 02 11:01:52 EDT 2017

    "We love you Caitilin! Our prayers are with you! I'm sorry I can't make the walk but will be thinking of you! "

    Valerie Lee

    Sat Sep 02 03:27:04 EDT 2017

    "Get well soon, Caitlin! In support of you and the cause you're championing"

    Hang Nguyen

    Sat Sep 02 05:32:00 EDT 2017

    "Wishing you the best in health Kaitlin. From Mom's friend Marian "

    Marian Fluger

    Thu Sep 07 12:57:47 EDT 2017

    "We love you so much - we are honored to walk with you! You and Brian are an inspiration to all of us!"

    Debbie, Larry and family

    Fri Sep 08 11:00:09 EDT 2017

    "We love you!"

    Bruce and Roberta Cook

    Sat Sep 23 02:03:18 EDT 2017

    "Love you! Wish we could walk with you!!!"

    Allison & Dan Oseran

    Sat Sep 23 05:32:00 EDT 2017

    "This dedication is definitely to you Caitlin, but I always will miss my great Aunt. Must mention."


    Fri Sep 01 12:47:47 EDT 2017

    "Caitlin you are so beautiful on the inside and out and no one or no thing can take that away from you. We love you so much! Love Jess Bob and baby D"

    Jessica Jasemian

    Thu Aug 31 09:14:29 EDT 2017

    "Dear Caitlin! You've got this! Wishing you all of God's blessings including, love, happiness and good health! Love you!"

    L Ferrante

    Thu Aug 31 04:52:10 EDT 2017

    "Sending love and prayers! xx"

    Shannon Ballast

    Thu Aug 31 01:21:18 EDT 2017

    "Love you!"

    Bri and Em

    Thu Aug 31 12:55:26 EDT 2017

    "Love you Caitlin and Brian! "

    Sean Ruitenberg

    Thu Aug 31 11:48:33 EDT 2017

    "Caitlin, we love you and admire your bravery. Love, the Kotts "

    Joel, Ally and Harper Kott

    Thu Aug 31 12:48:07 EDT 2017

    "Love you Caitlin!!"


    Thu Aug 31 12:46:50 EDT 2017


    Julie Cremata

    Thu Aug 31 12:41:46 EDT 2017

    "It's been too long since we've seen each other, I love you and Brian and miss you both so much! Stay strong Caitlin, I know you will!! "

    Lindsey Smith

    Thu Sep 07 08:10:33 EDT 2017

    "We love you!!!"

    The Batt's

    Wed Sep 06 04:17:59 EDT 2017

    "Much love to you Caitlin! "

    Heather Kearns

    Mon Sep 04 11:28:57 EDT 2017

    "Love you lil baby"

    Carmen King

    Sat Sep 02 01:54:16 EDT 2017

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Bruce and Roberta Cook $500.00
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Gary & Deena Johnson $250.00
Lindsey Smith $150.00
The Brodericks $100.00
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Jen Buchanan $100.00
Christian, Tash & Ella $100.00
Kristy Lee $100.00
The Batt's $100.00
Heather Kearns $100.00
Jessica Jasemian $100.00
Bri and Em $100.00
Sean Ruitenberg $100.00
Sarah Placeres $100.00
Tiffany Townson $50.00
Brenda Tran $50.00
Lauren Gensicke $50.00
Raisa Orleans $50.00
Adina Braatz $50.00
Amy Lander $50.00
Ashley Grijalva $50.00
Rachele Woodruff $50.00
Valerie Lee $30.00
Carmen King $30.00
Shannon Ballast $30.00
Julie Cremata $30.00
Macy Pollgreen $25.00
Marian Fluger $25.00
Lindsay Anthony $20.00
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