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Jul 01, 2017 by Gerald & Joannie Clements

I am fund raising for the 16th time on behalf of the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society to find cures for blood cancers.  And I need your help, again.  With your help, we can make a difference in a blood cancer warrior's life.  Click the red "DONATE NOW" button on the right to make your donation.


Thank you for making a tax-deductible donation to my site and I am grateful for your generosity. 


Here is why I fundraise every year:


Almost 16 years ago, I was in the hospital newly diagnosed with Chronic Myeloid Leukemia and given 2-4 years to live.  I was diagnosed with a terminal cancer but have since been gifted with over 15 years of life that I was not supposed to have.  I am an emotional heap of gratitude tearfully remembering the stages and pathways along my unbelievable journey.

I'm thankful for my loving family whose emotional support and help strengthened my weakness and resolve.

I would not have made it without my loyal, devoted, incredible husband who despite his own injury and disability, managed to help stabilize me after my diagnosis, hold me up when I couldn’t stand alone, feed me 5 times a day to put weight on my frail body and tell me I was beautiful, even though I wasn’t.  And, oh yes, he loves me still even with my daily bought of treatment side effects.


I love him beyond measure and cannot believe he still chooses me to love. 


I'm thankful for Dr. Brian Druker who, with his research "Team of Wizards," developed this intensely important lifesaving drug targeting cancers, and who fought for its immediate presence in our cancer world.


I'm thankful for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society who had everything to do with my life saving drug and its development through research funding. The LLS continues to be a huge part of my life and fights for the patient and vows to find cures for blood cancer...


Not Someday But Today!


I'm grateful for my incredible Hemo/Onc physicians, Dr. Lalita Pandit, Dr. Pablo Parker and Dr. David Snyder, (from City of Hope) who were remarkably brave, educated, caring and dared to treat me with a brand new revolutionary cytogenetic drug called Gleevec which saved my life and continues to do so still....


My life with blood cancer has been an amazing journey filled with multitudes of generous folks, like yourselves.  And I am grateful for those incredible cancer warrior advocates who share their wisdom, hearts and energy to other blood cancer warriors and who became wonderful and faithful friends who commit to continue their lives fighting to find cancer cures.


The late Craig Sager expressed the outlook of his life with leukemia by saying "Every day is a canvas just waiting to be painted and [it’s all about] how you live each [gifted] day." 


Each day I get to add some more color to my own canvas.  When the picture is completed, I hope to look back and observe a life well lived with my devoted, loving family and making a difference in the lives of leukemia patients in this world while celebrating a cure for not only my blood cancer, but other cancers as well.  I thankfully have many colors remaining on my palate but the fact of not knowing how much paint is left, spurs me on to continue my quest urgently.



I am humbled by your support and friendship, some of you for many years.  And my motivation has been fortified and re-energized time and time again.  I thank you for reading this lengthy epistle of gratitude.

Much Love, Hope, Hugs, Gratitude and Kisses,
Just Joannie


Supporter Comments

    "You and Jerry are appreciated so much for all your hard work! "Happy Birthday #75""

    Ken and Shirley Chappell

    Sat Jul 22 11:12:40 EDT 2017

    "With my love always"

    Andrea Kustin-Mager

    Sat Mar 11 01:30:48 EST 2017

    "Thank you Joannie you are an inspiration and a treasure. "

    Chi Neal

    Mon Jun 26 02:16:05 EDT 2017

    "Happy Birthday #75!"

    Leslie Tatel

    Tue Aug 15 05:36:47 EDT 2017

    "Glad to support the cause."

    nicholas landis

    Mon Nov 13 07:18:51 EST 2017

    "Thank you for all you do! Your passion for helping others continues to inspire me. Kaye"

    Kaye Skonieczny

    Wed Oct 04 02:21:28 EDT 2017

    "So proud of what you and Jerry do, Joannie. Many people have better and longer lives because of you!"

    Juanita Wolz

    Tue Sep 26 09:18:19 EDT 2017

    "Thank you!"

    Sharon Fitch Boudreau

    Fri Sep 08 02:48:42 EDT 2017

    "Happy Birthday Joannie! So great to celebrate with you! "

    The Karg Family

    Sat Aug 26 09:45:41 EDT 2017

    "Happy birthday Joanie! Hope you have a fun and successful event today."

    Julie Simonella

    Sat Aug 26 12:49:22 EDT 2017

    "We love you Joannie! Love, The Christensens"

    Jon and Nadia Christensen

    Fri Aug 25 09:06:00 EDT 2017

    "Sorry I cannot make it Saturday. You know I'm a huge supporter as you're an amazing woman and an inspiration. Your birthday celebration lands on the same day and time as my family reunion. I know it will be a success good luck and have fun!"

    Ricky Ricardo

    Thu Aug 24 09:18:51 EDT 2017

    "Wish I could go to party just got back for working out of town for over a week. Need to focus on the Garza family. Getting into busy Fall LLS season. Love you Much & my LLS Family Happy Birthday! Roxanne "


    Wed Aug 23 05:08:30 EDT 2017

    "From a fellow CLL fellow, who knows others that are fighting CML/CLL!"

    Marc Fertik

    Tue Jul 18 07:55:48 EDT 2017

    "With All My Love....."

    Andrea Kustin-Mager

    Mon Jul 17 02:19:27 EDT 2017

    "Go get em!! Your canvas is magnificent!"

    Gretchen Benes

    Mon Jun 26 09:34:24 EDT 2017

    "Thank you. Marcia Lopez for your donation. I know how personal blood cancer is to you. Hugs n love..."

    Marcia Lopez

    Sat Mar 11 06:39:46 EST 2017

    "Thank you for all that you do for LLS "

    Robert Ojeda

    Wed Mar 08 01:23:16 EST 2017

    "Hope you have a great bday.. Sorry to miss it, I will be out of town this weekend. Thank you for that all that you to find cancer Cures "

    Robert Ojeda

    Mon Aug 21 06:26:42 EDT 2017

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