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Jul 16, 2017

Welcome to Dr. Susan O'Brien's Light The Night Walk Fundraising Page


I am the Associate Director for Clinical Science and the Medical Director of the Stern Center for Cancer Clinical Trials & Research in UCI's Chao Family Comprehensive Cancer Center. As Orange County's only National Cancer Institute-designated comprehensive cancer center, we are leading the fight against blood cancer by conducting cutting-edge clinical trials that offer our patients access to the very latest treatments.


The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS) funds the research and development of many of these new therapies that save thousands of lives every day. One example is targeted therapies that seek out cancer cells and kill them, like the drug ibrutinib (Imbruvica®) for CLL and lymphoma. I am proud to have led national clinical trials that led to the approval of this agent. Another example is activating a patient's own immune system to kill leukemia, CAR-T cells.  A clinical trial of CAR-T therapy for leukemia is currently open at UCI Health.


As NIH funding declines, the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society's support for research has become even more important. The Light The Night Walk also helps fund treatments for patients.

So please make a donation today, and check my Web site frequently to see my progress.


Thank you for bringing us all closer to living in a world without blood cancers!


Susan O’Brien, M.D.

Professor of Medicine

Chao Family Endowed Chair for Cancer Clinical Science

UC Irvine Health


Supporter Comments

    "Susan I thank you very very much and wish you the best. auro and sandra"

    sandra del giglio

    Sat Aug 26 11:20:27 EDT 2017

    "susan once again thanks for all your help Brandon doing amazing Karen and Howard Cohen"

    karen cohen

    Sun Sep 17 02:31:06 EDT 2017

    "Susan, congratulations on exceeding your goal and hope to see you soon. Liz Barrett"

    Liz Barrett

    Thu Oct 05 05:16:12 EDT 2017

    "Thank you Susan for always being there. All the very best of luck. With much love Kay xxx"

    kay simons

    Sat Sep 23 10:09:34 EDT 2017

    "Well done Susan, a worthy cause! From all of us at VJHemonc "


    Wed Sep 20 11:51:15 EDT 2017

    "Susan, walk well!"

    Donna Short (MJHAssociates)

    Mon Sep 18 01:44:37 EDT 2017

    "Thank you Dr O'Brien for all of your life long work on behalf of our patients in the clinic, hospital , and via clinical trials development "

    Naveen Pemmaraju

    Wed Sep 13 06:32:34 EDT 2017

    "Thanks you for leading this! "

    Alinna Lee

    Fri Sep 08 12:54:53 EDT 2017

    "Good luck Susan"

    Ruben Mesa

    Wed Sep 06 10:21:25 EDT 2017

    "Happy to contribute!"

    Mary E. Silverstein

    Wed Sep 06 09:26:43 EDT 2017

    "Dear Susan, Your effort as a clinical translational scientist in the area of leukemia has been tremendous and equally important has been your example as a impactful woman in medicine to all those you mentor/interact with. Thank you for doing this and also for your service to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society in the many different ways of contribution. Finally, thanks for the great care you provide patients as a genuine caring provider. You are a pillar of example for physicians coming up in the world behind you!"

    John Byrd

    Wed Sep 06 06:37:06 EDT 2017

    "Thank for your hard work"

    Lili Cortes

    Wed Aug 16 04:58:15 EDT 2017

    "Proud to support - we appreciate your commitment! ...Phil Talamo & the PER Team"

    Phil Talamo & PER

    Tue Aug 15 02:19:30 EDT 2017

    "Thanks for doing this Susan. "

    Monica Fulton

    Tue Aug 15 06:48:20 EDT 2017

    "Sue, good luck with your fundraising drive! Love, Dad and Ellen "

    Ellen and Ray O'Brien

    Mon Aug 14 10:53:13 EDT 2017

    "Thank you for your great work, Dr. Susan! Love, Deb Cote and Nancy Burns"

    Debbie Cote & Nancy Burns

    Tue Aug 08 02:37:41 EDT 2017

    "You go, Girl!"


    Tue Aug 08 12:45:03 EDT 2017

    "Here's to great success!"

    Laidlaw Schultz Architects

    Fri Aug 04 04:14:19 EDT 2017

    "Dear Dr. O'Brien - I am happy to be a part of this great cause. Good Luck, Bogie"

    Bogie Moore

    Sun Jul 30 10:16:46 EDT 2017

    "HI Susan, amazing effort with so much raised already! All the best Richard & Katy x"

    Richard & Katy

    Sun Jul 30 02:45:10 EDT 2017

    "Susan, Thank you for taking a lead for this effort! Good luck with fund raising! Chul"

    Chul Ha

    Sun Jul 30 02:33:39 EDT 2017

    "All the best Susan and patients sincerely appreciate all you do for patient care, development of new drugs for their treatment, and fundraising activities like this. Michelle "

    Michelle Fanale

    Sat Jul 29 05:20:55 EDT 2017

    "Thank you for all your work! "

    Daniel Persky

    Fri Jul 28 04:11:42 EDT 2017

    "Best of luck and hope we can catch up soon! Anthony "

    Anthony Mato

    Fri Jul 28 03:03:32 EDT 2017

    "We are so thankful for the care that our good friend Ed Goldberg has received and are delighted to learn how well he is doing. Keep up the good work!!"

    Peter Austin

    Fri Jul 28 02:27:42 EDT 2017

    "Thank you for your commitment to the cause, you are an inspiration!"

    Jacqueline Barrientos

    Fri Jul 28 01:31:22 EDT 2017

    "You are an inspiration for us all Susan!"

    Neil Kay

    Fri Jul 28 11:31:12 EDT 2017

    "Thanks for your commitment. It is inspiring!"

    kell cannon

    Fri Jul 28 11:27:40 EDT 2017

    "So glad you are doing this! It's an honor to support you in the walk. "

    Mary Bates

    Thu Jul 27 09:51:08 EDT 2017

    "Good cause, great person!"

    Bruce Cheson

    Thu Jul 27 02:55:56 EDT 2017

    "Susan...happy to support your efforts! ShawnT "

    Shawn Tomasello

    Thu Jul 27 12:24:10 EDT 2017

    "Great cause Susan and very happy to support. Thanks for everything you do for patients."

    Nadim Ahmed

    Thu Jul 27 12:21:40 EDT 2017

    "Susan, Thanks for all that you do for patients with leukemia / lymphoma. Your hard work and selflessness motivate many of us to want to do more! Best wishes, DJ"


    Sat Nov 04 08:54:35 EDT 2017

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