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Sep 14, 2013

Hey guys, Welcome to my fundraising page, I am the team leader for Gaming 4 Leukemia and I am also a personal survivor. Late 2006, sometime around October, I was experiencing sharp pains in my knees like that of gout. It was very odd, I was only ten years old and not only did I have no idea what the heck gout or any other form of joint pain was but this was the first time I had this pain. It was like I had bruised my knees but I couldn't see it. Well-being the oblivious ten years old I was, I followed my Father's advice from past injuries and "rubbed some dirt on it and walked it off!" The pain was bearable for the next week or so, I continued to play on the playground and hang out with friends until one morning I woke up to something far worse.

About a week after I began having the pains in my knees, I woke up and my eyes were nearly swelled shut. I couldn't tell because I could see just fine but my mother instantly saw something was wrong, as any good mother would. We immediately went to my local pediatrician’s office and the pediatrician I was examined by basically told my mother "he's fine, take him home, give him some Benadryl and if he is still like this in a week, bring him back. Furious at this oblivious, ignorant, moronic statement, my father picked me up and demanded I see my younger brother's physician who had experience with All Children's Hospital. After about a minute of her examining me, she told my father to rush me to All Children's Hospital and make no unneeded stops.

My father listened and we rushed off to ACH, I was immediately admitted into the ER and for the next 6 hours went through numerous scans, tests and x-rays. All the while I was exempt from eating or drinking anything. After everything finally cooled down and I thought my time was done in the hospital, my father walked in. I instantly knew by the dried tears, red eyes and expression on his face that something was wrong. He told me that I had Cancer and that I was lucky to be alive. For the next 30 minutes, all I remember is silently crying, staying strong for my father in this time of stress while he was breaking down that his eldest son had a chance at death from a foreign disease to my family lineage.

What I did not know at the time but learned later on is that the doctors at ACH had found out and told my father that the Immature White Blood Cells had progressed so quickly through my body that it seemed as if I had been with this for two months when I was only living with these cells for two weeks and that I had less than 20% chance at survival. I also learned that in this time of need, instead of sticking by my and my father's side, my step mother of the time told my father "He has little chance of survival; he is going to be a waste of time, space, and money. Leave him there for someone else to worry about him."

She is lucky I had learned of this comment several months after my father and she had divorced and gone their separate ways or the woman would have been gone much longer.

For the next three and a half years I was introduced to various forms of Chemotherapy, a few months of Radiation, Spinal taps every month, blood tests, near death experiences, loss of friends, emotional and physical tribulations and so much more. I gained two best friends; one mechanical and one biological called by the name of Medi-port in the left side of my chest and Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia and had very hard times of living, including several mental and spiritual break downs.

But "Even though I walk through the valley of The Shadow of Death, I shall not fear, for He is with me" (Psalms 23). With such a horrible event in my life, one can only either let it destroy you or turn it into a great one. I chose the latter.

People often ask me what the best day of my life is, and I tell them the day I was diagnosed with Leukemia. They are often set back by this, baffled by my response. How can such a horrid event be someone's favorite day of their life? It is my favorite day of my life because it opened my eyes to what the world really is. I realized that life is a privilege and that one should not take it for granted, that life will put up walls against you and those who cannot just climb over the walls, but obliterate their existence completely will amount to so much more, that any amount of horrible events can be turned to be twice as many good events.

Because of the diagnosis, I have woken up every day of my life knowing that I am lucky to be here. I have Reevaluated my life to the point of where I cherish every event, good or bad and see the benefits in everything and have dedicated my life to becoming a Pediatric Hematologist-Oncologist like the doctors who helped me to help other children experiencing such events as I did or similar events or even completely foreign events that I had the benefit of not having to experience and helping parents understand what is going on, cope with the pain and teach them how to value everything for their child's sake.

Through this cause, I have met with various children and parents in ACH to try and help them through such events and understand what's going on, helped personal friends in my high school who are experiencing such events and am even planning on running an event in the future which the team is named after. On September 14th, 2013 at Southeast High School Gymnasium, I, my girlfriend, Katie, My advisor Steven Craig and a numerous amount of volunteers, will be running the first official Gaming 4 Leukemia's non-official Pokémon Video Game Tournament for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. For more info on the event including sign ups, directions, times and requirements, please feel free to go to

I am hoping that from the success of this event, I will be able to do many more of these events and possibly even have successors in my high school continue this project as an annual event after I graduate. Although during my treatment, I did not know of the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and their amazing goal, I do and always will support their cause and strive to help them and even make a team every year for Light the Night.

So I hope you are having a wonderful day and a wonderful life and I do how that you will donate.

If you would like to contact me, you can email me at: or you can find me on as Jonah Peace. I am always willing to talk, console, and discuss and I especially love to talk to survivors and current patients and if you would like to sponsor my future event, please feel free to contact the email listed on the website I gave earlier.

Until then,

I bid you farewell, Caio, Adieu, adios, vale, Farval and all the others


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