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Oct 10, 2016 by Faith Bevan

One never expects to hear the words "you have cancer". Especially when you are a healthcare provider, yoga teacher, vegetarian, non-smoker - shall I go on.  Living a "healthy" lifestyle.  What a journey I have been on as a medical consumer since November 2014 when it all began with the Great Spleen Adventure.  I noticed a fullness in my belly, no pain just a fullness and pressure and one week later my spleen ruptured.  Emergency surgery, blood transfusions, ICU and then one week later home again. 

I received a number of CT scans while in the hospital all showing just spleen involvement.  A false sense of yay, as 3 weeks later a PET scan revealed lymph node involvement throughout my entire body.  Biopsy revealed a very aggressive, as my oncologist said "deadly" lymphoma, Diffuse Large B Cell Activated Lymphoma.  As I was awaiting biopsy confirmation and healing from the surgery I researched this disease and all treatment options traditional, chemical, natural, alternative etc. and it came down to 2 options, the first was the fight like hell with the drugs or just throw in the towel and be dead likely in a few weeks.  I wrote my obituary, got all my accounts in order, made sure my will was up to date, showed my husband where everything is, how to get into this account, etc, had a big shout out/scream and cried.  And then I decided I was going to put the boxing gloves on and if I was going to go out it would be fighting.  And even though getting chemo was against my lifestyle of putting drugs and toxins in my body I knew I had no other choice in fighting. 

Here it is a little over one year after completing chemotherapy, a year and a half in remission and the smiles keep getting bigger. I am living a full and active life, working, riding my bike, traveling and  I am dedicated to helping others in their journey, education, mentoring, how to find wholeness in a self betraying/defying situation.   Good nutrition, breath work, movement, meditation (yoga) and letting your friends and family love on you are as important as the treatment itself.  Help me on my mission.   LLS helped me through the research, before the addition of monoclonal antibodies to the treatment the remission rate was only 40%, but now remission rates are 2/3, wow, less than half and now over half.  And they helped financially as co-pay for the chemo was $13,000 per treatment. But they offer so much more.   If you cannot join me on November 19 at Channelside, please join me in the fight.  Donate what and however you can.   This is PERSONAL.  LLS helps all blood cancers.    Love, Laugh, LIVE!!!!!!

I was fortunate to have a wonderful article done on my by the Suncoast News in their Oct Just 4 Women  edition.  Thank you.   I am now officially 18 months in remission and keeping a strong distance away from the Suicide Bomber Stalker I call Big L.   I am riding my bike, so far have gotten up to 25 miles, and have joined the NPR Running group that meets on tuesdays and walking/jogging and rebuilding myself there.   I taught a 2 day (16 hr) workshop Oct 8 & 9 and not fatigued at all.   So I consider myself very Grateful.    


My Fundraising Page
Oct 10, 2016

Welcome to My Light The Night Walk Fundraising Page

Please help me support The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society's Light The Night Walk by donating towards my fundraising efforts today. You can help bring us closer to living in a world without cancers!

LLS of the Suncoas has made me the 2016  Honored Hero - wow.  I want share and give back to all that have made this possible for me.  

By giving a donation today, you can help children and adults alike who have benefited from the years of research with Blood Cancers. Many don't know that cancer research began with Sidney Farber trying to find treatment for leukemia.  That wasn't that long ago and all cancer research  has benefited from that humble beginning.  In fact, a little over 15 years ago the remission rate of the Lymphoma I was diagnosed with was only 40% but with the newer drugs, in this case a Monoclonal Antibody (a targeted drug towards a specific genetic mutation), the remission rate is 60-70%.  Now remission doesn't mean cure, but there are many out there who have never seen a return of the cancer.   So please help, donate what and how you can.   And LLS does more than money to research, they offer support groups, social workers, transportation, financial assistance as well as keeping us informed and up todate with the research and help with drug trials and referrals.   I am passionate about supporting LLS because without them I would likely not be here today.   Help me spread the word about this great organization.

Money raised from the Light The Night Walk allows The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS) to fund treatments for patients that are suffereng from all forms of blood cancers. LLS' funding saves thousands of lives every day.

Please make a donation to continue the help we receive


Supporter Comments

    "I am so happy that you are doing well. I know every dollar helps!"

    Phyllis Cavaliere

    Mon Nov 07 12:47:35 EST 2016

    "God bless all "

    Pat & Al

    Sat Nov 05 11:56:08 EDT 2016

    "Sending hope, strength, positive energy and encouragement to all!"

    Evie Dewar

    Sat Nov 05 08:41:54 EDT 2016

    "My darling Faith--love you so!"

    Jennifer Mumford

    Fri Nov 04 09:33:17 EDT 2016

    "We love you Faith and so very proud of your strength, wisdom,and commitment to sharing your journey of life!! Namaste "

    Kim Weierheiser

    Fri Oct 07 10:57:24 EDT 2016

    "Hi Faith: You are doing fantastic work -- congratulations and thank you for what you are doing!"

    Karen Larsen

    Sun Sep 18 04:14:46 EDT 2016

    "Faith you are an inspiration. Love you!"

    Susan Smith

    Sat Sep 17 10:04:23 EDT 2016

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